Daily Intake 07.06.11

⚫ Some preview pages of a pretty sweet-looking Panty&Stocking manga that Imaishi Hiroyuki (director) will be doing for the next issue of Anime Style LINK. Imaishi is a badass!

⚫ So Biglobe has produced yet another ranking that’s mildly interesting yet utterly meaningless. Still, mildly interesting has the edge over most of today’s “news” which otherwise includes a special edition of the Nichijou PSP game preorders being sold out and some seiyuu cast announcements. The topic of this ranking is “artists you want to see at this year’s animelo (Animelo Summer Live). With just over 10,000 votes cast, the winner is Takanori Nishikawa (T.M Revolution) with around 2,500 votes! He recently sung the Sengoku Basara II OP. Surprisingly, it seems he hasn’t performed at Animelo yet, so it would definitely by a worthy choice! I was kinda sad to see Claris didn’t make it far up the list. Sphere is 3rd. My personal choice, if I could only have one would be… BUCK-TICK to perform their Shiki songs! The Shiki OP and 2nd ED are definitely anime songs from last year that stuck with me.

⚫ The weekly BD/DVD sales rankings are out. Madoka Magica 2 has hit 57,000, OreImo vol. 6 has reached 17,000 and Tiger & Bunny volume 1 has reached an impressive 18,000. A-channel volume 1 is out (early, huh?) and with combined DVD and BD it has sold over 6000 copies, which is pretty solid.


    ## Today was fairly uneventful in terms of anime news. That’s good news for me though because I might have the time to watch some anime tonight! Yesterday night I took some snaps of what I ended up dragging back with me from Melbourne. The issues of Megami and Dengeki Moeoh definitely didn’t disappoint! The Megami magazine comes with some really great posters (this was not last issue but the one before), which I’m going to have enjoy decorating my room with tonight after the usual deliberation about which posters need to come down to make room. The upcoming anime section reminded me that Seitokai no Ichizon is on its way. I loved the first season of that anime! Dengeki Moeoh featured heaps of great bishoujou artwork, and came with a fantastic Kantoku book. I’ve admired his art for some time now, so that was a great bonus!

    The haul. At the top left is a Kantoku book that came with Dengeki Moeoh.
    Dengeki Moeoh featured a section on the art of Lotte no Omocha!

    Some of the Lotte no Omocha art pages
    Some art from Dengeki Moeoh (Yuji Nimura)

    Nice feature on Idol Master anime! THe screencaps look great!
    Megami mag's upcoming anime page!




Baka Test 2nd Season PV

7 thoughts on “Daily Intake 07.06.11

  1. * A * Baka-Test PV! “this video has been removed by the user” .___.
    Yeah, I’m looking forward to the Idol M@ster anime a whole lot~ seems like it’ll be pretty good.

  2. Today’s big announcement came out just after I did this post! Well, I’ll shove it in tomorrow’s instead!

  3. Am I the only one who gets incredibly scared when removing the posters from my Megami magazine? I end up taking the staples and spending a good hour and a half reassembling it in order since getting the staples in the right hole is a massive pain!!

    1. lol I’m sure you’re not the only one! I did that with the first issue or two I bought, but since it was such a pain in the ass I started using scissors instead (just hold the lot of posters together and cut through the grey strip at the base). Then I’d trim the grey bit off altogether, neatly. The other night I got lazy and used a stanly knife to cut through the grey strip, which worked well.

      At the end of the day you’ve gotta remember that the Megami posters are for looking good on a wall, not as a collector’s item that needs to be kept in pristine condition!

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