Hey everyone. Today, I bring bad tidings! Firstly, I’m going away for a few (5 to be specific) days, in which time I won’t be doing the Daily Intake post. I guess that’s not out of the ordinary. But the worst thing, I’ve come down with a cold or flu today, the day before I was to go interstate! Considering I very rarely get sick in any way, this is quite a rude shock. It seems I’m both ill and ill fortunate. I’m hoping I’ll be back up to scratch in now more than a couple of days though. With that said, anyone in Melbourne (other than you, Jeroz :p) who might want to meet up?

I’ll still be contactable via twitter throughout the haitus, but otherwise, I’ll see you all in 5 or 6 days! Now, I’ll put some AMVs on and go pack!

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