Daily Intake 30.05.11

⚫ Some nice snaps of the Taiga Nendo Puchi that came with the first new issue of Anime Style magazine (the one I’ve been trying to get). My friend tells me that it’s sold out at Akiba and he probably doesn’t have time to get it from Amazon before he has to leave ;_;. It looks so charming! LINK

⚫ A look at the latest issue of Dengeki G’s magazine, which comes with swimsuit bath posters of Kuroneko and the girl from Denpa Onna. Kuroneko in a school swimsuit!! LINK

⚫ This parody doujin, Mahou Shoujou Azusa Magica combines Keion and Madoka Magica! LINK It’d be cool if this got scanned and/or translated! LINK

⚫ A (pictorial) summary of all the Infinite Stratos changes from TV to DVD/BD version LINK

⚫ A Nishio Ishin (Bakemonogatari, Katanagatari) work has been confirmed for a TV anime adaptation!!! The novel is Medaka Box, and the adaptation will be handled by Gainax. This sounds like a pretty good combination to me :D (source)

⚫ Looks like they’ve increased the manufacturing order for limited edition copies of Tiger & Bunny. I guess its popularity was a bit of a surprise! (source)

⚫ Yamakan posted some fleeting commentary of the anime industry on his twitter account today, saying it has become a culture where fans look at anime either as winners or losers. Sure, there’s probably a bit of bitterness coming from the fact that her very recently made it into the latter of those two catergories, but I happen to agree with him on this one. Looking through 2channel, there’s all too much discussion about this anime being a bust, and this one being the hegemonic victor of the season. It seems like there’s little middle-ground and there’s a real group mentally around these days where otaku will lap up the latest fad. I like fans that can think for themselves. (source)

⚫ It’s been revealed that if they hadn’t cut down the script/scenario for episode 10 of Madoka Magica, the episode would have been around 45 minutes! I would have loved to have seen that, considering 10 was the most fascinating episode of the series in my view. (source)

    ## I’ve still been fiddling with Windows 7. Turns out the upgrade version I bought won’t activate on a clean install on a blank HD. I was all FUKOUU DA! at first, thinking I’d need to install XP on a HD then this Windows over it, until I found a neat little trick to trick Windows 7 into thinking it was installed on a HD that had a pre-existing version of windows installed. One registry edit and a few minutes later and it was all activated and done with! The Echofon extension for firefox is really cool, and I’ve stumbled across a great way to translate Japanese names to English characters (romanji) which I’ll be using to read Japanese credits for animators I’m following.

    Astarotte no Omocha 8 looks amazingly hot, but I haven’t had the chance to watch it yet. I have, however, watched Hanasaku Iroha 9. It was entertaining enough, but it wasn’t the chaotic and full-on episode I was expecting.


12 thoughts on “Daily Intake 30.05.11

  1. Medaka Box is not a novel it’s Weekly Shōnen Jump manga. Nisio is the writer and Akatsuki an ilustrator.
    Frankly I still can’t believe this… Seriously Shōnen Jump manga by Gainax wtf?… Thought considering that manga is basically a JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure in school I guess it fits. XD

    1. Thanks for clarifying that! I was in a rush so when I saw Ishio Isshin I just thought it was a safe bet to assume it’s a novel. Cheers.

      I’ll look into the manga too at some stage :)

  2. “Japanese names to English characters (romanji) which I’ll be using to read Japanese credits for animators I’m following.”
    I forgot to ask, but could you please share~?

    1. Sure, I’ll share it when I get around to it (a week or so I’d say). Unless you have skype I can tell you about it in text chat?

      1. Nah I don’t really use Skype. No worries though its no rush, it just seems like an interesting tool to have about. I can wait a week for it =]

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