Daily Intake 29.05.11

⚫ Gainax’s next anime, Dantallian no Shoka has been officially confirmed to start broadcasting on TV in July! A few very promising preview screencaps have also surfaced (I included a couple in the gallery below) (source). Because it’s Gainax, I’m excited for this without knowing much at all about the original source.

⚫ A notice has been put up to say that Niconico douga’s streaming service for Nichijou is being suspended. As far as I can tell, a reason wasn’t given, and it’s pretty hard to think of why. In any case, it’s bad news for Nichijou. But, not being a fan of that anime at all, I’m pretty okay with it. Anything to encourage KyoAni not to do endless moeblob slice-of-life anime (except Lucky Star, of course)!.

⚫ A bunch of screencaps from the upcoming Sora no Otoshimono movie version have been uploaded on the official site for the series LINK. Like many others, my first thought was ‘this doesn’t seem very ero!’. It would be a shame if they turned down the ecchi factor too far for the movie version. I guess conversely you don’t want it so naughty that it gets awkward watching it with friends in the cinema www

⚫ According to a new article on Dengeki Online, Idol Master will start on the 7th of July (on TBS). The article also includes a bunch of really cute character design sheets. The show off a vast variety of expressions and I have to say I’m impressed with the cuteness of these girls~ LINK

⚫ Fripside’s (the duo who did the opening to the Railgun anime) website displays a count down and a brief message “next stage coming soon!” LINK. Guess it’s their next single! I’m kind hoping it’ll be an anime song for next season (the timing would be pretty right).

⚫ A collab between Hanasaku Iroha and online RPG, Divina! LINK. Kind of an unusual pairing, but Hanasaku Iroha combined with anything must be win!

    ## Okay, so once again I’m apologising for being so absent! Sorry about the latest post gap – I was busy on Friday night with friends, and then I was too exhausted on Saturday night (slept for 12 hours lol). But yeah, it’s been a great weekend and a good weekend in general. There’s lots of news flying around at the moment after a bit of a slower period. Today I spent most of my time screwing around with Windows. I first tried to install another Black XP but that screwed up, so I ended up just buying Windows 7! I use that at work, so it’s not a new experience, but it really is much, much nicer!

    Friday night was good fun, a couple of friends came around and we watched some of last year’s Animelo concert and played Weiss Schwarz. My deck was working like a well-oiled machine of doom that night!! One of my friends also bought around his copy of Fractale Blu-ray, which came with a Nendoroid puchi Nessa (her old purple-haired character design!). I took some photos to prove that he was one of the 883 884 club!

    As for that Nessa, I want to take her home!!

    Speaking of Nendoroid Petits (which you may have noticed I’m a fan of), I’ve been trying to track down Anime Style still. Anime Style is a magazine about animation, and it comes with a Goodsmile Nendo Puchi of Taiga!! So it combines too awesome things: Nendo Puchi and Sakuga!!

    I haven’t really had the chance to watch any anime over the weekend, but I’ll be making more progress on Bubblegum 2040 this week. That is, if I can stop playing with Windows 7 lol!


【Steins Gate】 Okabe’s deathnote laughs, played backwards

This is so funny…


Towa no Quon PV

BONES, Baby! But seriously, this animation looks excellent.


AMV Lip Bomb

Been listening to this AMV so many times over the weekend! Really catchy! The gang-sign bit was quite clever scene selection, haha.

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