Daily Intake 26.05.11

⚫ Yamakan is holding a free, open lecture for up to 400 attendees on the 18th of July. Interesting move. Say what you will about Yamakan as a director, but he sure keeps us guessing! (source)

⚫ On its first day of release, the latest AKB48 single, “Everyday, Kachuusha” hit no.1 in the oricon charts selling 942,000 copies! They sure are a sensation! (source)

⚫ On the 6th of August, this year’s annual Sunrise Festival will start! One the cards already, is a special pre-screening of the studio’s upcoming original mecha (duh, what else!?) anime, Sacred Seven. I’m pretty curious to see what Sunrise will bring to the table for Sacred Seven. (source)

⚫ More unusual changes in the latest volume of Madoka Magica (TV vs BD) LINK. Speaking of that volume, the jacket on the big incorrectly referred to the ending theme, Magia as a “character song”. Apparently there was a mistake on volume one’s jacket as well! People on 2channel seem to think it is because they are using a template~ (source)

⚫ Speaking of mistakes, this bib cardboard cutout thing in an Akiba store mixed up Suzuha and Ruka! LINK

⚫ If you’re any kind of anime fan, you’ll want to check out these videos. I’ve tried to impart the significance and appeal of animators and animation to many fans over the years, but these guys do a really good job concisely covering the history of Japan’s animation. As a sakuga fan myself, I was touched! I was especially impressed with how they described and illustrated Iso’s full-limited animation approach. I’m considering putting together a panel on the anime industry and sakuga for Australian cons myself, actually.

    ## While I’m still on the topic of sakuga and animation, I had a really nice chat with @alien701 on skype the other night, who runs a really excellent blog on sakuga, Wagon no Kamisama. He’s a really great guy, and told me about the Wakame Shadow, which is the style of shading you see on Jun Arai’s work (e.g on Star Driver). I intend to look into that further tonight. A few more sakuga fans have popped on twitter lately too, and there’s been some lively discussion (though sadly Raito-kun hasn’t been very active lately). Then again, when it comes to the topic of sakuga, I haven’t been active either. This isn’t because my enthusiasm has dampened, but because I’m unable to find the time to post about it. I haven’t even been on the 4ch discussion thread ;_;. But in other sakuga news, I’m currently trying to get my hands on the first issue of the newly revived Anime Style magazine! While Amazon stocks it, they tragically aren’t shipping it outside of Japan, so I’m begging friends instead!

    Kaiji episode 8 was pretty awesome, but not as tense as last week I thought

    By the way, if anyone here wants to chat (text chat) on skype sometime, let me know and we can trade accounts! Would be fun.


Preview for Houkago no Pleiades Manaa Movie

Keep in mind, that Gainax is most likely working on more Houkago no Pleiades other than this project. This Manaa movie (マナームービー) was announced a while back. If anyone knows just what the hell a マナームービー means, and why it’s called that, PLEASE educate me!


8 thoughts on “Daily Intake 26.05.11

  1. if akb48 lowered their single/album price, they will sell more =D i’m just bitching because lady gag selling her new album for $1.

  2. I never really paid attention to sakuga until I started reading your blog regularly and I really enjoyed that sakuga link you posted from that panel. It was quite educational and entertaining. Thanks for posting it!

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