Daily Intake 24.05.11

⚫ Ume Aoki’s unofficial Madoka Magica doujin will go on sale again at Tora no Ana, late into the night of the 29th of this month! GET YOUR GUNS ON! This doujin has proved scarily popular so far, so I guess we’ll get some more enthusiasts lining up to make this another fast sell-out!

⚫ About half way down this blog post there’s a video embedded from Nicovideo. If you’re familiar with anime directors, then it’s a must watch! Parody anime director entrances to the WWE stage! It’s a good laugh haha. Watching it right now, and waiting for Yamakan to appear wwww. [and he did, with a Fractale T-shirt!]. Oh my god..he and his Fractale colleague, Azuma actually get into a fight haha! A certain amount of resentment built up between them throughout that anime~

⚫ Speaking of Yamakan, he was at a itasha event doing a charity auction of signed Kannagi scripts/scenarios. At least he’s doing something good! (source)

⚫ Someone was arrested for uploading hollywood movies to Niconico Douga.. Japanese copyright law is so harsh (except for doujinshi!). Apparently, he had been repeatedly warned by the JIMCA. (source)

    ## I’m about to watch the latest Astarotte no Omocha (I started calling it by the correct title!), but right after work today I watched the first episode of Great Teacher Onizuka, which I’d heard talked about a lot but never seen even a glimpse of. I found it incredibly entertaining! It’s like Cromartie Highschool from a teacher’s perspective. If it keeps up this entertainment value throughout the whole series I’ll be very happy.


My Pace Daioh Live

Not new, but definitely awesome. This is an anisong to be remembered! Speaking of Genshiken, volume 10 came out today. I’m still a little in shock that one of my favourite manga (if not my favourite) was resumed! I can’t wait to read the next chapter!


8 thoughts on “Daily Intake 24.05.11

  1. I love me some Manzo music!

    By the way whats up with the fatty picture? I think I’ve seen the words in the picture else where, any idea whats the joke behind it?

    1. He’s saying Gyapo Gyapo Kuso Warota. kuso warota means ‘shit, I laughed”, but I don’t know what this is a reference to in general..

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