Daily Intake 23.05.11

⚫ A Japanese blogger has translated a bunch of commentary from foreign websites 4chan, Animesuki and MyAnimeList. I always find it really interesting to see these translations, particularly when it’s the Japanese translating our comments. This kind of thing is becoming an increasing trend, and shows that the language and geographical barrier between anime fans is starting to diminish. I’m not going to try to back-translate all the comments, but the responses listed on this blog seemed to be overwhelming positive, noting some of the similarities to the Japanese fan commentary as well as being impressed at the fact that they’re watching and know their stuff. Hopefully we get more communication between the two fanbases in future! There used to be a certain animosity which is becoming less relevant.

⚫ Yukiatsu’s Menma crossplay costume for sale!! LINK Even better, it’s already sold out! www

⚫ A special coaster set will be available at the commemoration event for A-channel BD&DVDs going on sale. LINK

⚫ Ore no Kanojo to Osananajimi ga Shuraba sugiru light novel series has broken the 100,000 total sales barrier! Impressive~ (source). Furthermore, the official website for the series opened up recently (LINK). The characters look really adorable. But that’s not all! This series also got a comic version announced this week! At this rate, it’ll be a big-budget film in the next few weeks!

⚫ There’s a countdown on Rio Channel’s (Rio: Rainbow Gate’s franchise) official website (LINK). I do enjoy mysterious countdowns!

⚫ It seems that more Houkago no Pleiades is afoot! (not just the little movie thingie that was announced recently). According to tweets from (one of) Gainax founder, Takeda Yasuhiro. Neat!

⚫ You can watch the trailer for upcoming anime, Maji de Watashi ni Koishinasai here. Kind of an odd trailer, but it seems like it’ll have some good fanservice!

⚫ On the 25th of July, the official complete guide for Star Driver will be released, which will feature a genga (animation frames) collection! Star Driver featured some notable animation and animators, so this’ll be a worthy purchase for sakuga fans. (source)

⚫ Final episode of OreImo (episode 15) announced for the 31st of this month!! Hold on to your seats! The episode preview is also up on the official site (LINK). I like the sound of the final episode’s title: There’s no Way This Could be the Final Episode! Music to my ears..

A nice selection of limited edition merchandise to be sold at the Infinite Stratos event on the 5th of June LINK

    ## Watched Hanasaku Iroha today! I have to say, it really hits the spot for a Monday night after work! And what a great episode, full of jokes, Ohana being adorable, and even a bit of tension. Feels like a some tumult might be just around the corner! I can’t decide whether this or Kaiji is the best anime of the season, but Hanasaku wins out for consistency, also for Ohana being beyond lovable! Hopefully you’ll see daily posts for at least 5 days in a row from today. Sorry about the gaps again ^^. I’m trying..


FMA Movie Trailer 2

Much more revealing and promising than the first commercial! I’m definitely awaiting this movie. It should put some great animators on display! Actually, this video sparked a fun sakuga discussion on twitter after some fans reportedly were disappointed by the “animation” presented in this PV (despite the fact that it all looks excellent).


Poplar Army!

I’ve been looking forward to getting these ever since I saw them come up for preorder!~ I opened them a few days ago, but only got the chance to take some photos now. They’re so adorable, and really high quality! Now Poplar’s world domination can begin! minicon’s rejoice!

4 thoughts on “Daily Intake 23.05.11

  1. Was actually wondering when Yukiatsu’s costume would begin to be sold so I could wear something to SMASH this year.
    Shame nobody else will understand.

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