Daily Intake 16.05.11

⚫ This is probably the best cosplay gallery I’ve seen put together, because it has a great mix of classics, whether they’re funny, fantastic, sexy or repulsively bad. Check out the whole post, seriously, it’s a ball! LINK

http://kazumi386.org/~kairo/mmgame/110515.htm (relatively) new Madoka Magica flash game in which you play Madoka dodgin wheels that fly accross the screen at you. It’s a fun little distraction, but lacks the polish of some other Madoka flash games I’ve seen. (thanks to @jeroz for the link).

⚫ The official website for Higurashi Kira has opened up here. No new news as of yet, but I’m keenly awaiting the first volume on the 21st of July!

⚫ Seems like there’ll be a live-action Ouran Host Club series (source)

⚫ Thanks to a tweet from noitamina producer, there’s speculation that there will be another live action drama in the noitamina timeslot, again based on one of its anime. Another Moyashimon season has been ruled out, so I wonder what it would be? Some are hoping it’s Anohana (but I would be surprised), and I saw one evil poster saying “so it’s obviously Fractale or Horou Musuko!” (both of which got poor ratings). I think we can rule out Eden of the East (too expensive) and Tokyo Magnitude 8.0 (too soon). Honey & Clover? (source)

⚫ Oh yeah, and another short clip for Persona 4 was revealed. If you’re a big Persona fan you might be interested, otherwise it’s not too exciting. LINK

    ## Didn;t get time to watch any more Animelo today, sadly, but I did get to watch two new episodes of great anime! The first priority was Hanasaku Iroha, of course, which was incredibly fun! It was definitely the most comedic episode so far, and even I have to admit that Tomoe is pretty damn moe. Apparently we can call her Toomoe now instead of Tomoe (nice one,@Jeroz!). I got a good laugh out of the author’s Yamakan’s scene in the onsen. Then Astarotte no Omocha was excellent as well. I can’t get over how cute that anime is! But it wouldn’t be correct to call it “cute not pedo”, so I guess it’s “cute AND pedo” *shrugs*. Remember: nopan = freedom!




6 thoughts on “Daily Intake 16.05.11

  1. Why even put live-action shows in a time slot explicitly called ANIMATION (though spelled backwards)?

    Anyway, my bets are on Yojouhan Shinwa Taikei.

  2. You were right, that’s some of the sexiest (and most accurate) cosplay I’ve ever seen (obviously excluding the horrendous misfires XD).

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