Daily Intake 14.05.11

⚫ If you’re not excited about the Kaiji figma you damn well should be! It even comes with a beam! haha LINK. I so have to get this.

⚫ A new Gundam manga has been announced to be published in Monthly Korokoro Comic (source)

⚫ Seiyuu Kotono Mitsuishi came out and said that the conditions in her profession at the moment are very harsh because of a trend of using younger seiyuu less experience for less cost (which means there’s not much of a career to be made). She attributes this to low budgets on many productions, but I’m not too sure if that’s a valid point because anime has been traditionally cheap. It’s a bad situations. (source)

⚫ People are starting to report Biglobe’s poll on the directors that people want to support (LINK). I didn’t mention it until now because it’s such a horrible list. At the top we have Akiyuki Shinbou, meanwhile we have Satoshi Kon at 10th, Hideki Anno at 8th, et cetera. So the lesson should be, not to ask regular fans this question if you want to put together this kind of ranking. No offense, but Akiyuki Shinbou doesn’t deserve to be anywhere near the top 10.

⚫ So anyway, Ume Aoiki’s Madoka Doujinshi went on sale on the streets of Akihabara today, causing many large lines of people at all the stores stocking it, from very early in the morning (lines spotted at 5.30am). Shortly after opening time, it was sold out all over the place (you can see all the pictures of different stores showing their sold out notices, 完売). It’s pretty amazing how intense the Madoka doujin battle was today, especially because the doujin isn’t really all that great (my opinion, anyway). LINK

⚫ Sankaku Complex did a post on the success of Chiba Monorail’s collaboration-campaign with Ore no Imouto which I mentioned a week or so ago. One thing that never clicked is the appearances of the monorail in the OP of the anime!!

    ##Went out for dinner with some comrades and ended up watching OreImo episode 14 with them afterwards. That show is so great to watch as a group! Also had some great in-depth anime and seiyuu discussions which was heaps of fun. It seems that everyone is becoming a Kanae Itou fan finally! It’s not just our proud few any more! I’m also making my way through Animelo 2010 (in fact I’m watching it right now). I might do a post on it, even.




8 thoughts on “Daily Intake 14.05.11

    1. haha, could just be an advertisement motif/mascot. Pity the art they use makes her look more masculine than Miku should be lol

  1. I don’t know why news outlets even bother reporting these fanmade Biglobe polls when they are clearly ridiculous. I always vote for Yamakan just to screw around, and I’m pretty sure at least half of all the votes are doing the same thing. These polls have absolutely no integrity.

      1. yeah lol, or I think Animage which is all Inazuma 11 or Gintama. At least the Megami and Nyantype ones aren’t so biased XD

    1. They’re good for a laugh occasionally, but yeah that’s about it. I’m about 80% certain that the reason Yamakan and Shinbou are at the top is due to a trolling war lol.

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