Daily Intake 13.05.11

⚫ This is really interesting: a poll asked Japanese about the “self-restraint” phenomenon following the Earthquake. They asked what people thought should and shouldn’t be included, with many being for the idea of conserving power. But the interesting thing is that anime topped the list of things that shouldn’t be included, from 68% of respondents. I guess anime fans will accept restraint for many things, but draw the line at anime! (source)

⚫ Nishibu Railroad is pimping an extensive Anohana advertisement campaign. Check out the pictures here.

⚫ Location shots/pilgrimage to the hotel that was featured in the most recent episode of Anohana LINK

⚫ Seems that TBS is looking at establishing an anime brand after the success of Keion and Infinite Stratos on their channel. They’re finally recognizing the potential of anime! (source)

⚫ A Taiwanese newspaper had a big feature on Hanasaku Iroha! The love for Hanasaku is spreading globally! (source)




11 thoughts on “Daily Intake 13.05.11

    1. Mm… they have all the pieces set for them: childhood friends separated over the course of time and unifying beacon of hope to unite them all. Now if they can execute it well, it will surely become a classic that will transcend its time and context :)

      1. the concept has a big casual mainstream appeal, which explains the popularity.
        I enjoy it, and it’s quality work, but i don’t think it has enough impact to be highly memorable. Though they still have 6 episodes to convince me otherwise :D

        1. I agree it probably won’t be seen as one of the classics when looking back. But it’s definitely a good anime, and it’s great to see it attain a large audience!

        2. The concept isn’t totally original (what is now days, lol), but what makes this anime great from me is the execution. Its done so well. Whoever the writer is, at least to me, sold the characters so well. They feel like real characters with real emotions.

          I haven’t seen an anime do emotion as well as this. Usually they over sell it with with tons of whining and crying or try to sell it after a big shock factor. But this anime takes the natural route, and it’s grabbing me and not letting go!

          1. The write is Mari Okada, who writes a lot of anime these days (especially for the noitamina timeslot). She’s prolific but quite talented.

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