Daily Intake 12.05.11

Sorry, this post seems to have become a Bi-Daily intake lately! On the upside, it really has been a slow week. Probably the biggest highlight has been the release of the Fate/Zero PV. I watched Koe de Oshigoto episode 2 today and it was jaw-droopingly erotic as anyone who saw the first episode would have expected. I can’t believe it’s not hentai!

⚫ The official page for the anime Sora no Kiseki has been updated with a picture on the top-page that shows off the character designs really well. The designs are really great, attractive and vibrant. This anime is on the road to success with Masaki Tachibana (.Hack//Quantum, Tokyo Magnitude 8.0) at the helm directing. I was a huge fan of Quantum.

⚫ The Hidan no Aria anime does seem to be bolstering the sales of its source light novel, which is a good sign. The first volume sold over 8,000 copies over the past week, despite having been available since late 2008. Volumes 2-5 also did well in the rankings, selling between 6 and 7 thousand copies. (source)

⚫ Ratings for the final episodes of Madoka Magica in the Kansai region (MBS): 2.0~2.3 and for the Kantou region (TBS): 0.8~0.7. These figures led to a discussion about the relevance of TV ratings for late night anime, given that many people record it for such a timeslot. The important thing is the disc sales, which Madoka definitely dominated at!




2 thoughts on “Daily Intake 12.05.11

  1. I’m guessing you’re referring to the bottom right and not Cordelia. The Madoka BDs and DVD sales are bolstering at 4823 and 1198 respectively — BD or DVD, docchi ni suru?
    I was a fan of Tokyo Magnitude 8.0 :)

  2. Shinbo’s virtually the big boss over there at Shaft and has a hand in practically every project they have.

    Iso is just one of the many talented directors currently at Madhouse (that is, if he’s still there right now).

    Okiura is in the same boat as Iso at IG.

    Both Iso and Okiura made their names as animators first before becoming directors.

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