Daily Intake 06.05.11

⚫ The important announcement for Full Metal Panic turned out to not be another anime series (damn!), but instead a new spin-off story set 10 years after the events of the original. It’s good news that the story is continuing, but I want to see more anime, dammit! (source)

⚫ Noitamina ratings this week were favourable again, at 2.80% (average over the two-episode timeslot). I expect that it peaked considerably higher while Ano Hana was airing, but was pulled down by C’s performance. But because of the way they give out the ratings, this is just a hunch. (source). To put this in context, I think I might do a post listing Noitamina’s performance over the years.

⚫ Hatsune Miku used in car advertisement outside of Japan? Check. Toyota is using Hatsune Miku in a commercial for the new Corolla. Check out the page on the Toyota website here. This is a pretty awesome idea, but that drawing of Miku is..horrible.

⚫ Anime Anouncement: Anime adaptation of Morita-san wa Mukuchi 4-koma. (source | Official Site).

⚫ Official Daily Menma sound-clips LINK

⚫ Hourou Musuko sold 1056 Blu-rays, beating Fractale by about 200. I didn’t expect things to turn out this way when last season started, but I am glad that Hourou sold more (even if it’s still very little), because it seemed to have much more thought and effort put into it. (source)

⚫ The official web-page for the new Last Exile has been updated with new character designs. I have to say, the characters look great! Range Murata is just awesome. LINK




6 thoughts on “Daily Intake 06.05.11

  1. @Miku well I like the vid.
    @jeroz well I watched it :D but didn’t finish it yet -.- no much time
    @fractale, well the first week only shows how much people like it at first, not at all.. , but well I liked it.

      1. well I had no hype about it xD ( wasn’t that informed than the others)..
        finally watched hourou musuko, my opinion to it.
        “The story thematised something difficulty, rarely and maybe too unusual for the commons, because the most minds are satisfied with their body, but not all. Today it’s not a big problem to get changed into the other gender or just dressed as one, but if a young teenage already recognize it and doesn’t feel comfortable, it’s difficult for it to get accepted. It’s a mix of romance and kitchen-sink drama and has drawing, which fits the situations. A truly good, but sadly extinct story.”

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