Daily Intake 04.04.11

⚫ More information has come out regarding the highly-anticipated Fate/Zero project, being handled by Ufotable, who seem to have taken the Type-Moon adaptation rights from Deen. It’ll be airing starting in October, and the music will be done by the outstanding Yuki Kajiura (.Hack/Sign, Noir, Madoka Magica). A PV has been shown, and judging by the screencaps and reports, it seems to have a breathtaking quality to it, which is even more impressive considering it will be a TV-anime. A PV was also shown for the comedy anime based on Type-Moon parody manga, Take-Moon: Carnival Phantasm. It looks hilarious and cute. Having bought Kara no Kyoukai to life with such polish and skill, Ufotable are now leading us into a new era for Type Moon. It seems that more of their work will finally be adapted with the quality it deserves!~

⚫ It was the opening day of the Mahou Shoujou Madoka Magica cafe in Matsudo today. Check out photos of the place and the line here. The food is crafted to be Madoka-themed, but actually looks pretty bad.. but it’s all about the atmosphere, right? The displays look pretty good.

⚫ Anohana’s ED single reached 10th in the charts! The show has very good ratings (it was revealed that it got 5.5% ratings last noitamina showing) and the CD is popular! This is looking like a big success already!

⚫ Biglobe is running an ongoing ranking of the top anime of this season that “you’re going to see through till the very end!”. Hanasaku Iroha tops the chart! Followed by Anohana at a very close second! LINK

⚫ Phase II of GONZO’s comeback campaign has been put into motion! A new original anime has been announced: Kobihan! It’s being sold as a collaboration between KEI (Vocaloid artist) and Gonzo. A PV was shown which revealed a bunch of character artwork for this anime (by KEI). The designs look pretty cool, and I get the vibe this could be a very good anime indeed. (source)

⚫ Madoka BD vol.1 has now sold over 62,000 copies. Awesome! Seems like it won’t overtake Bakemonogatari though. I still feel a little bitter about a studio like Shaft getting such vast income when other studios put so much more effort into their anime for a lot less reward. (source)

⚫ Asumi Kana has been taking a break from her job lately due to unspecified health issues, her agency revealed yesterday. Rather than an illness, the way I read the announcement makes it sound more like an issue of stress or depression, which worries me. I really hope she enjoys her career, because she is definitely a good seiyuu. A general theory is that it’s her role in the seiyuu unit LISP that is the problem. Hmm.. (source)

⚫ a commercial for the next Newtype issue reveals an eye-patch Asuka (from Eva) on the front cover! Wow, I hope we get some Eva news!! LINK

⚫ A promotional collaboration between OreImo and Chiba Urban Monorail! Didn’t see that coming! (source)

⚫ Someone reselling Aoi Ume’s Madoka doujin on yahoo auction Japan has already managed to score a bid of 21,000 yen!

    ## There seems to be shitloads going on in the sphere of otaku at the moment! Lots of exciting new anime on the horizon, and the promising resurgence of Studio Gonzo, paint a hopeful future for the anime industry (despite what many bloggers and commentators would have you believe). Madoka has already left a big footprint, but I think 2011 is going to have much more to offer to the annals of otaku history. The biggest threat at the moment is any more pushes for regulation certain groups.




21 thoughts on “Daily Intake 04.04.11

  1. FFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFATE/ZEEROOO!!!!! Oh man, it’s all going to be good. Can’t wait! it’s going to be soo goood! Also looking forward to the other Typemoon stuff, Witches night or watever, and also Takemoon, or carnival phantasm (whatever it’s called)..

  2. Just bought myself a copy of AnoHana’s ED off CDJapan. I miss ZONE and after rewatching their final concert where they sang ‘secret base’ all teary-eyed, it just makes me sad too :(

  3. It’s Star Wars day today. May the Fourth be with you.

    Anyhow, why the jealousy for SHAFT’s Madoka sales? SHAFT took a big risk on Madoka. It could have just as easily been a dud.

    Here’s looking towards better and brighter things for the rest of 2011!!

    1. >>Anyhow, why the jealousy for SHAFT’s Madoka sales?

      See my comments below. Basically I think they should put a lot more effort into their anime. Other studios will like at Shaft and be amazed at the kind of crap they get away with and still sell bucketloads (in this case due to a certain Aniplex producer and Gen Urobochi). This and Bakemonogatari set a bad precedent IMO.

      >>Here’s looking towards better and brighter things for the rest of 2011!!

      *raises glass*!

  4. Yeah, Madoka was quite risky and ending being quite good. Instead of being pessimistic it is better to think that this will be the start of gorgeous new original anime that will sell quite well too.

    1. Rather than pessimism, my views on SHAFT are based on their patented poor scheduling and their lack of talented animators on staff (they have like 3 good animators, I swear). Their approach to making anime has become a cliche.

      Still, Madoka was a good project. But they should have spent more money on it, and it’s worth pointing out that the creativity doesn’t come from them as much as certain other studios, like Gainax, Sunrise and BONES, who actually come up with great ideas in-house.

      Plus their animation direction is often lazy and messy. I am starting to warm up to SHAFT so I wouldn’t call them a BAD studio, but putting them on the same tier as Gainax, who have achieved so much, been so creative and fostered so much talent over the decades,… well, it’s a travesty. (not that anyone here WAS doing that).

  5. Just caught this, but you put 04/04/11 in the title. Time travel’s not a problem, I’d just rather go into the future where we all play visual novels in virtual reality suits rather than into the past where we all die of dysentery. :0p

      1. ha, the 4th isn’t the issue, the fact that you list the month of April was the typo. Either way, all you guys down in that Southern Hemisphere are all crazy ^_^

  6. If we could just find a way to meld Gainax’s moneymaking skills with 4C’s incredibly daring artsy approach, then we may just find a new animation powerhouse in Japan.

    They’re both very similar at the most basic level anyway, at least in my opinion.

    1. I actually didn’t vote for Studio 4C. While I really love them and their work, I think larger studios like Gainax and BONES who have to impress large audiences to make ends meet deserve more kudos. 4C is a niche studio who generally get very specific work in which a creative approach is encouraged rather than contending in the harsh commercial world. But that’s just a matter of perspective, 4C is a great studio either way. Also, they are doing the Berserk movies, which is a big step into mainstream.

      1. Well, it’s not like 4C hasn’t made strides into the mainstream media before. They’re just very stubborn about their indie animation mentality that they’re not really getting much leeway commercially, I think. Like Gainax, they’re an incredibly talented company, just with opposite mindsets.

        I haven’t read any concrete info about 4C handling the Berserk movie/s, but many have said they are, so I guess I’m going to have to go with that. They have some free directors in-house anyway.

  7. Thank you!! To those who voted Gainax and BONES at the last minute. For a while there, Gainax was getting no love at all! I’m also glad Sunrise got a vote.

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