Daily Intake 02/05/11

⚫ Report (Japanese) of the Goodsmile Company 10th Anniversary celebration event I mentioned yesterday, with plenty of pictures LINK

⚫ Noitamna’s ratings were 3.9% this time (approximately double what last season was getting), which is getting back up toward its glory days! It looks like Anohana is responsible for the comeback that noitamina has needed for a while now. (source)

⚫ PV2 for Nekogami yaorazu is up on the official website. LINK (click the button that says PV 2). It looks so damn cute! Also this PV should prove the seiyuu caliber of this anime!

    ## Short post today, huh? I guess it was quite a slow day for anime news! On the upside, I my loot from Comiket 79 that a friend got me arrived and it turns out he got vast amounts, and really awesome stuff too! I got the Ishihara douijin, Noizi Itoh’s doujin, and some good hentai ones. To top that off, I’ve got Hanasaku Iroha to watch too!




11 thoughts on “Daily Intake 02/05/11

  1. Never bothered with Cardfight Vanguard but may pick it up if it features more cameos like Weiss Survive did.

  2. Kenji Nakamura was also a top draw back in 2007 for noitaminA, so I guess it was a combination of both. Good choice opting for two original projects this season.

    1. yeah. Lucky Anohana is the show to break noitamin’s streak of disappointments (in terms of viewership). I can see it’s popular even in this post’s poll!

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