Daily Intake 1.05.11


⚫ 2ch rumor of Kaguya Maoshiki anime by Gainax & ZEXCS directed/designed by Shin Itagaki (via @Kyouray). I hope this is true..

⚫ There was a Goodsmile party today celebrating their 10th Anniversary. (Pics #1 #2 #3 #4 via @stevenagata. There was also a live broadcast on nicovideo with JAM Project as a guest! http://t.co/Bt8dh2W. I just managed to catch the end, which had the closing message, screaming “WONDERFUL HOBBY LIFE FOR YOU” to the crowd, then followed by birthday messages from various celebrities and Bushiroad (from the Milky Holmes girls too). It was a pretty epic party I’d say.

⚫ Huge mural of Vagabond manga up in Tokyo LINK

⚫ Ufotable are establishing a movie theater specialising in anime in Tokushima prefecture. Of course it’s awesome news to hear about an anime theater.. why in Tokushima!? As other comments on 2channel asked, wouldn’t Akihabara be a good spot? (source)

⚫ The Millky Holmes collab with baseball team BayStars has reached a high point with the cosplaying seiyuu appearing at a baseball match today where the team played against the Giants.

⚫ 5 Titles to represent Japanese Anime LINK

⚫ The Ika Musume Ferrari finished 11th at the end of the Super GT, and came into contact with another vehicle today. Too much aggression!? (source)

⚫ A large doujinshi event was held today at Tokyo Bigsight called Comic 1, which attracted big crowds. It seems the biggest attraction was Ume Aoki’s (the character designer) Madoka Magica doujinshi, which attracted long lines and had sold out soon after midday! Pics of the crowds and the doujin in question here.

    ## Genshiken chapter 63 came out today! I don’t know about you, but for me this is a huge reason to celebrate! Of course, I read it right away. The chapter deals with Comiket, where Ogiue is selling some doujinshi, and Hato is attending for the first time, in girl cosplay of course. It was a fun chapter, and I think things will heat up next month, judging by DAT CLIFFHANGER. It was also awesome to see Ohno and Angela cosplaying Panty & Stocking.



Ohana’s Te Te te


Steins Gate: with Kirby Kana Hanazawa

Are wa yome dakara




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