Daily Intake 30.04.11

You won’t believe what I just discovered.. I wrote a daily Intake for the 26th but never actually published it! It’s sitting, finished, in my posts list as a draft. I could’ve sworn I published it! orz (I’ll pick some bits from it to go into this post instead).

⚫ The commentary for Madoka episode 4 will be done by Gen Urobochi! The man himself! I think that would be really interesting to listen to, mainly because I’m curious to hear him speak. He does such interesting, unusual stories, he must be at least a little enigmatic in person, right? (source)

⚫ The character designer of acclaimed TV-anime, Tatami Galaxy, Nakamura Yusuke is working on a new Madhouse TV-anime http://abenolife.exblog.jp/d2011-04-22/ (via @muhootsaver_7

⚫ Hanasaku Iroha: Remember the in-character answering message you would get from Kanae Itou if you called the fictional phone number of the onsen hotel in which the anime is set? Now Nako (voiced by Aki Toyosaki ) has a message if you call up, and there’s even the ability to make reservations! Maybe P.A Works is making the transition from animation studio to the hotel industry? Hear a recording of the message here (youtube).

⚫ The SuperGT went down in Japan today. Normally I have no interest in car racing, but this time there are an impressive 5 itasha entries in the race! There’s an Evangelion Siden (and a second Eva car), Haruhi Porsche, Ika Ferrari (remember that collab that was announced a while back?) and Hatsune Miku BMW. At the end of the race the Ika Ferrari game in third, Miku came in 5th and Eva tailed at 6th. Nice! Thanks to @cowboybipimbop for relaying the twitter coverage!

⚫ It’s time for the monthly battle between Megami magazine and its new rival, Nyantype! Those links are the scans so far (sadly, there didn’t seem to be any overview of all the posters this month >:3). So, gentlemen, which mag are you siding with this month? I’m willing to say that neither mag is particularly good this time around, but I’m gonna go with Nyantype because of the Hanasaku Iroha and Lotte no Omocha posters! I prefer Nyantype’s Hanasaku poster because I just can’t get enough of Ohana in her work outfit!

⚫ Important announcement coming on the 10th of June for Kore wa Zombie Desu Ka. A lot of people on 2channel seem to think it will be a second season, which would be pretty cool. I don’t have my hopes up though. (source). It’s a little unusual to preempt an announcement this early.

⚫ A PV for next-season anime Mayo Chiki has been put up on the official website here. It’s definitely worth a look. Judging by this PV, I think I’ll enjoy this anime. The art style reminded me of JC Staff but it’s actually by Studio Feel. I’ll be interested to see what the character designer/animation director, Kousuke Kawamura will be able to achieve here; this PV already had a few bits of good animation.

⚫ The 2nd volume of Kore wa Zombie Desu ka came out on DVD/BD and it seems as though the bonus manga that came with it features.. nipples! I was kind of hoping the BD version of the anime would include them too, but I guess this will have to do. Also, the cover is really hot (Yu!!).


⚫ We have a number for Fractale’s sale’s now: 833 Blu-rays in its first week. That’s pretty Hobiron. (source)

⚫ It seems two store chains will be running an Index/Railgun campaign. When you purchase from the stores, you can use codes from the receipts to input points on the website which will go into the draw for a lottery. The prizes for the lottery have been revealed. Check them out here. They’re actually not that inspiring, not compared to the Mayoi Neko prizes another recent store campaign had.

⚫ A trailer for the K-ON! movie was put up on the official website.

⚫ Someone is using bust angle geometry to try and find the identity of the imposter Menma-chan from Anohana episode 4. Seems like a flawed approach, but the results are probably on the money (I’ve seen other compelling evidence – the fake Menma was wearing a watch that looks vaguely like his).

⚫ Holy Crap! A new Lupin the Third TV-Anime has been announced! This came out of nowhere, didn’t it? The new anime will air this fall. (source)

⚫ Trailer for the new Higurashi OVA is up! LINK Some nice service shots seem to be present, and that is a hell of a catchy song! Other than that, I couldn’t glean much from this PV.

⚫ Madoka character song that came with the first BD volume LINK “Mata Ashita”.

⚫ The Blood C website has been updated with a new key visual. Damn this new Saya looks good! LINK

⚫ I didn’t notice this until today, but there will be a remastered/re-edited project for the anime series, sCRYed, titled ‘sCRYed Alteration’, in lieu of it’s 10th Anniversary. It’s in the form of two movies using the content from the original 26-episode series, with some new animation. I haven’t seen sCRYed myself, but I have to thank it for giving us the memorable character of Komugi, and I think it was a big project for Akio Watanabe at the time.

    ##I managed to catch up with the Railgun manga, which was a gripping read. After racing through the climax of the amazing Sisters Arc, which featured the epic showdown between Accelerator and Touma (and in this manga it actually IS epic) and the emotional wrap-up to Misaka’s first character story. Everything was done so much better than in the Index anime. The saving of the clones was really touching and the part where Misaka tries to thank Touma by giving him home-made cookies is really sweet!



Madoka Magica / Gits SAC 2nd GIG MAD




13 thoughts on “Daily Intake 30.04.11

  1. I subscribed to both Megami and Nyantype for the best of both worlds. Some really hawt Madoka, TWGOK and Hanasaku Iroha posters hanging on my wall. I live in Australia so it’ll be hard to tell my non-anime friends why my room is littered with anime posters.

    1. haha awesome! I actually live in Australia too and my room is similarly adorned! I’ve been buying the odd Megami issue for years now~

      1. That’s pretty cool. I’m still in my high school years so I can write Mahou Shoujo or something on my Year 12 Jersey :)

  2. NOOOOO! Who put ‘Working!’ music in my Higurashi???!? Bring back the awesomely atmospheric and intense music of Shimamiya Eiko~!!
    – The poll this week is a difficult decision lol

    1. You got a problem with Working!! music!? XD I guess the most dramatic story parts of Higurashi are over and done with now, so it’ll be on the lighter side. Either that, or it’s just the usual first-episode frivolity before the plot kicks in.

  3. There’s a big difference when going through the sisters arc from Mikoto’s pov because it’s a more personal experience. My favorite moment is when Mikoto recalled what she said earlier that her mother wouldn’t solve her problem… God wouldn’t answer her prayers… But somehow, a hero did come out to save her ;)

    Have you read the Index manga? You might be under the impression that it’s the same as the first season but it’s really not- the author has improved his writing and streamline alot of little details, you should check it out.

    1. Yeah I totally agree. The sisters arc was so much better in the Railgun manga. It really is Misaka’s story, and doesn’t make a lot of sense to see it from Touma’s perspective. All the stuff Biri-biri was going through , like attacking those laboratories, kinda take the edge of Touma’s last-minute intervention.

      I don’t know if I would enjoy the Index manga because it would be too familiar having already seen the anime. the Railgun manga either has new stories or a very different take on them, so it’s worth reading. Plus, I just find Misaka a far, far better protagonist, not to mention the other Railgun cast.

  4. Ha, love the poll! (other options include Great Show? or Greatest Show?) Also, 1. Nipples in Kore Wa? wow, awesome much? (even if it is limited to the manga currently) 2. Interest in R-15 definitely piqued, ha.

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