Daily Intake 25.04.11

⚫ The live event celebrating the release of Fractale on DVD/BD went down today, and a number of reports from attendees have surfaces around the internet. It seems there were a few hundred attendees. The official description was that the venue holds up to 500 people and it was approximately a full house, but some seem to think that’s a clever way of putting it to exagerate the numbers. But the important thing is that it seems to have been a good event. Yamakan was on stage along with the seiyuu, Kobayashi Yuu, Tsuda Minami, Iguchi Yuka and Kana Hanazaa in cosplay (Kana-tan as Nessa would be cute to see!). (source | Better photo). By the way, the sad news is that Fractale bombed and it seems like Yamakan will go into some kind of temporary retirement.

⚫ It seems there were some cuts from the last episodes of Madoka Magica. The scenes are in the emergency center where Madoka and family were staying on Walpurgisnacht. LINK

⚫ Nana Mizuki will be voicing Saya in the new Blood anime, Blood-C. Awesome! This is definitely going to be better than Blood+! (source)

⚫ Niconico.com is an English-language version of the Nicovideo.jp website which came out recently. It’s really great to see the website launched in English, because Nicovideo’s unique format of allowing live comments on videos is really interesting and fosters a strong community. My biggest hope is that it will offer anime streaming and other events! LINK

⚫ Nichijou tops a poll for this season’s most disappointing anime (source). The rest of the anime in the ranking keep shifting positions, but Dog Days is also consistently up there. I’m kinda glad there are people on my side regarding Nichijou.

⚫ Madoka Magica’s imfdb page describes the weapons Homu-homu pulls out for the Walpurgisnacht party! LINK

⚫ The official site for upcoming anime, Kyousogiga by Toei is updated to include some character design artwork (which looks really awesome!). Definitely looking forward to this original anime. Here’s the premise:

“In a world where boundary between human and yokai worlds is no longer distinguishable, 3 different groups pursue for power. What is Count of Reality and Destruction of Negentrophy? Koto, a bishoujo who got out of maze of Java Work, chases the shadow of “Kuro Usagi (Black Rabbit)”. This is a story surrounding various people chasing Kuro Usagi in Kyoto, where time has stopped.”


    ## I’ve started watching Aim for the Top!, the original Gunbuster. Two episodes in and I’m definitely enjoying it, despite the fact that it feels a little out-dated in terms of the production quality and aesthetic. The science omake episodes are a fun and in-depth look at the science-fiction behind the anime. It’s cool to see such an old role of Norio Wakamoto’s, and a serious one at that. I can also now official laugh knowingly at INAZUMA KICK references.


Artbook: Kuroko no (hi)Album Oneesama no HIMITSU Kaizokuban

I truly share Kuroko’s passion for Onee-sama. DOWNLOAD.

16 thoughts on “Daily Intake 25.04.11

  1. So there were cuts at the end? It would be a good idea on the current situation. it does not seems to be very relevant scenes after all so I think it is ok.

  2. I do have a feeling that the ones voting for Nichijou on that poll are either
    1) putting in too much hype because it’s KyoAni, or
    2) don’t like the series whatsoever because it is done by KyoAni.

    wonder what will happen if the series don’t have the KyoAni tag attached on it.

  3. If you already enjoy the first 2 eps of Gunbuster, then I think you’re going to have more fun when you get to eps 4 – 6. The endings of both Gunbuster 1 & 2 are perhaps the best endings Gainax has ever done, putting aside the very different styles and feels of the two OVAs.

    1. Awesome, I watched episode 3 last night as well! I’m tempted to rewatch Gunbuster 2 so I can make sense of the references and the ending.

      1. So you watched Diebuster before Gunbuster? Ohoho…Well, the ending of Die would have been much more powerful had you watched Gun beforehand, but it should still be an awesome ride regardless.

  4. nice artbook find! I’m also looking forward to Blood-C, I thought Blood+ had some positives in there and it will be interesting to see a new take on it

    1. Thank Kuroko! XD The more I think about Blood+ the more I can only see it as a disappointment. It was beneath Production I.G for one of their big titles.

  5. Yeah, watching the first Gunbuster helps enjoying the second. Though I think to enjoy the first one, you need to know some older anime as well (Aim for the Ace! for ex).

    I really want to know detail of Kyousogiga. I don’t like how they haven’t told us anything about the format of this title. Hoping that it’s not something like Black Rock Shooter.

    1. I don’t think you need to have seen any anime prior to Gunbuster. I am vaguely aware of a few parody elements, but the enjoyment of the anime comes mainly from its original story. But Diebuster definitely leans on its forbear a lot.

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