Daily Intake 22.04.11

⚫ Anime announcement: plans are underway for anime adaptation of the manga, ‘Upotte!!’, serialised in Young Ace. This was announced on the obi of the latest volume. (source).

⚫ More information and a very preliminary PV are out for the upcoming TV-anime, Kaitou Tenshi – Twin Angel! This includes the core staff and the cast list, as well as a nice look at the anime designs. I have to say, it looks petty cute, especially the nekomimi girl! The three main characters will be voiced by Yukari Tamura (orange haired girl), Kugumiya Rie (nekomimi girl), Mamiko Noto (blue-haired girl). The other characters look good too. The OP is previewed in the PV too, and the song is by Avenue Project. It will air in July. The directpr is Iwasaki Oshiaki (Ookami-san, Zero no Tsukaima, Hayate no Gotoku). That should probably tip you off that the studio will be J.C Staff. Ooki Ryouichi, another JC Staff regular will be handling character designs, production designs and be the chief animation director.

⚫ The new Haruhi light novel the Shock of Suzumiya Haruhi, started off with a bang, selling over 510,000 copies! (source)

⚫ New nendoroid-style game coming out for PSP, Nendoroid Generation LINK. It looks kinda cute but I suspect the gameplay won’t be all that.

⚫ This is a key visual for the 15th anniversary Rurouni Kenshin anime project that was revealed recently. All I can say is..wow, that sure looks shoujou-ish (and I meant the genre not the gender!). I fully expect this to be a disappointment compared with the prequel OVAs.


⚫ New scans revealing designs and information on the new Rance game that’s heading our way. These characters and visuals look really good. I’ll have to play this when it comes out. LINK

⚫ Madoko Beach Queens figure announced. Looks cute. LINK

⚫ A post on Sunrise’s website says that there will be an important announcement regarding Love Plus. An anime perhaps?

⚫ There’s been a bit of controversy over the drawings of Kurisu in Steins;Gate episode 3, where a number of drawings were quite poor making her design look unattractive. A staff member posted on twitter than there are no plans to amend the designs, so it doesn’t look like there will be fixes for that in the BD version. Hearing that, a number of people are asserting that they might rethink buying the discs. I certainly agree that that animation should be fixed.


⚫ A series of tweets revealed that the second print of Aki Sora has been ruled as prohibited (meaning it is classed as 18+ material), and it seems that this was regarding the incest subject matter, rather than the erotic content. To be honest, Aki Sora is pretty much porn anyway, so I’m not particularly surprised or concerned that it was regulated. I’d still prefer that it wasn’t. (source)

⚫ Madoka Magica got a full-page advertisement in the Yomiuri morning newspaper the day before the final two episodes. Check it out here. It’s rare for anime to have full-page newspaper advertisements due to the cost. Angel Beats, and Index/OreImo had them, but I don’t know what else.

⚫ Noitamina got 2.5% this time! That’s getting better! (source)


Preview for Steins;Gate 4


PV for Manyuu Hikenchou

4 thoughts on “Daily Intake 22.04.11

  1. They hired the same designer that worked on Reflections for the new Kenshin anime? Pretty drawing for sure, but I actually preferred the design work on the first OVA set–it looked more raw and real to me.

    And if that’s the look they’re going for, then it seems they’re sticking to the old character designs.

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