Anime Log 1

Hanasaku Iroha, Dororon Enma-Kun, Steins-Gate, ANOHANA, Denpa Onna, Kaiji, Lotte no Omocha

Hanasaku Iroha Eroha 3

This episode earned the right to have ero in its title! Despite being written by the same person, Mari Okada (prolific anime writer who’s been responsible for many noitaminA projects), this episode did a screeching u-turn in mood and pace to deliver a strange and slightly erotic episode that bordered on black comedy at times. It’s the culmination of the story of the not-so accomplished freeloading writer, but also pushes Ohana’s character forward and starts to resolve the tensions between her and her two potential friends. The episode is full of surprising twists and content that we wouldn’t have gotten if it had held its head high and walked the tiresome path of an uneventful slice-of-life show. That’s right, I’m sure this episode had its critics, but I thoroughly enjoyed it, and I think the anime is moving forward just as strongly as ever. Hopefully now everyone will now know that this isn’t just a gentle slice-of-life story!

The ero parts were highly appreciated! Possibly the best thing about them were that they were done tastefully so that it wasn’t just outrageous fanservice. Both the bondage part and the yuri fantasies came from the mind of a porn writer, so it’s definitely feasible! Still, thanks to Ohana’s patient and forgiving nature, the author sure ended up getting away with a lot didn’t he?


Man this perfectly-timed blush cracked me up.

Showing a 16-year-old girl your porn novel starring her…priceless. Also, how intense were these fleeting yuri moments. The intimacy really jumped out at you. It’d have to be the combination of amazing artwork and voice acting.


Dororon Enma-Kun 2

MERA MERA MERA MERA MERA MERA!!! I’m loving this JAM-Project OP that isn’t actually JAM Project. I’m also really enjoying this anime in general, both for the old-school style and the old-school way in which it doesn’t hold back on the perversity and silliness quotas. The spirit of Go Nagai lives on! So yeah, I enjoyed this episode, but admittedly not as much as the first one. It didn’t hit me with quite as many good jokes, which the ero tentacle scenes of Yukiko-hime couldn’t quite replace.

Still, you’ve gotta admit she is daaamn fine:

Norio Wakamoto is always welcome in my anime! A friend informed me I said Norio Wakamoto was the had in my rambling on the first episode. How could I make that mistake!? And how come no one corrected me!? As a huge Norio Wakamoto fan, I’m confused and ashamed.

Haha..tomato-pattern panties would be so un cute.


Denpa Onna to Seishun Otoko 1

I watched this ones with a few friends, and I wonder if that explains the fact that it was far more enjoyable than I expected (because lol SHAFT) and hoped (because I’m already watching too much!). The moe appeal of a living dakimakura girl was kind of lost on me after the unromantic pizza scene and her general strangeness, and there wasn’t really any fanservice despite all the promisingly sexy promitional artwork. I enjoyed it because of the humour – the jokes were well timed, bizarre and delivered with strong production values. I also have a conffession to make: I’ve come to enjoy the OP. I don’t know how, and I don’t know why, but all of a sudden it works for me. It’s worth checking out so that you can say you either love it or hate it:


Deadman Wonderland 1

… was seriously disappointing. And I’d like to say that’s because I had unreasonably high expectations, but I think I’d still have been disappointed even if I expected it to be crap. What happened to Manglobe? Sure, there were a couple of bits of strong animation, but the designs and art direction just kill off any love I could have had for this anime. The other problem is that, although the premise sounds cool in words, when you actually see it fleshed out it feels entirely contrived and ridiculous. Not even Kana Hanazawa could away me in this role. Droppped.


Now THIS is what I’m talking about! I felt like this anime really hit the nail on the head. The characters were all really fascinating and the story is quite sad and moving. I get the feeling that if this anime has a happy ending, the mournful and bitter tones of the rest of the series will have a massive payout of catharsis. The switching between when the characters were kids and friends and now really makes you feel regret for how things turned out. The art and animation are superb too.

Steins;Gate 3

To be honest, Steins;Gate 3 felt a little disappointing compared with the previous episodes. Where the lasts two episodes have been a befuddling mystery that introduced a bunch of new characters and ideas, this one seemed a lot more straight-forward and lead the anime into dangerous territory by actually starting to make sense! The notion of time-travel and its connection to the gel-banana spawning microwave are spelled out, and all of these strange occurrences are linked to some kind of evil scientific conspiracy involving CERN SERN and the large hardon hadron collider. The incrimination of SERN felt pretty bizarre and difficult to take seriously (I LIKE Cern!!), and Hishida’s hacking felt a little contrived. I still like some of the sci-fi ideas in Steins;Gate but I’m starting to feel it won’t have much of an edge as a thriller. The production values also seemed to falter a little here, particularly in the first scene with Kurisu talking to Okabe and Hishida.

Kaiji 3

It didn’t have an epic gambling epiphany like last week, but this latest episode of Kaiji was still right on the money! Well, to be more accurate, Kaiji was off the money, after suffering a crushing defeat hurtling him 60,000-whatevers into debt. This came right on the back of his own elated victory the previous round. It’s these ups and downs that make Kaiji such a thrilling anime at times. Because it’s done so well, we really get to experience the despair, greed, joy and suspense of serious gambling without actually having to risk any money.

This shit is so tense..

Lotte no Omocha 2

This wasn’t as enticing or as exciting as the first episode, but it was still pretty enjoyable. There wasn’t much development going on, and it was a rather slow set-up to the harem arrangement, but on the upside, the characters remain totally adorable, probably even more cute than we first predicted. Astarotte’s dislike of men was explained (and it’s less extreme than say Minami from Working!!), and I’m certainly starting to see a moe appeal in her beyond the standard Kugumiya Rie tsundere deal. She’s one attractive loli too. Speaking of awesome lolis, how fucking great is the imouto character? But things that aren’t so great include a Seikon no Qwaser kind of twist to Elfleda’s character.

Dangerous phone messages from your loli imouto..I like how this guy rolls.
I'd like to say dawwww but I've seen To Love Ru so that tail thing is... hot!