Daily Intake 18.04.11

⚫ Looks like the convenience store chain, Save On is having a Mayoi Neko Overrun! themed lottery! One ticket is 500 yen, and the prizes have been revealed. Check them out here (there’s figures, a tumbler, keychains, a cushion, a large poster, mousepad, and clear files). The large poster with panchira is especially nice! I would definitely go in this raffle. If only stores in my country did interesting things like this :\

⚫ Infinite Stratos (light novel) volume 7 sold really well – 101,356 volumes in its first week. Now it’s definitely one of the top light novel series!

⚫ It looks like the popular ona-hole company Tenga will be having their logo appear in Tiger & Bunny! Haha, wow! An artists impression:

⚫ New Rurouni Kenshin anime! Wow, that’s going back a while! No word on its format or release date yet. I’m a huge fan of the prequel Kenshin OVAs. I doubt these will be anything on that level, but still, good news! (source)

⚫ After only one episode, the live-action part of 30-sai no Hoken Taiiku has been canceled! By all accounts, it won’t be missed.. (source)

⚫ Information will be released on the new Rance game on the 21st! The official website carries that announcement but when I went to visit it I discovered the rather rude “Japan Only” page. Kuyashii! Don’t blame eroge companies though, after the last incident!

⚫ Sofmap has Steins;Gate/Idolmaster billboard now. LINK

⚫ Daijoubou Mondainai keychain. SOMEONE PLEASE EXPLAIN THIS 2CH MEME TO ME! LINK

⚫ Sad news: Osamu Dezaki has died. He’s a famous anime director who did a lot of movie and OVA works from the 60s to the 90s. I’ll be totally honest and say I never actually saw any of his anime (yeah, not even one) so I can’t really comment on his skill as a director, but it seems he was quite prolific and influential.

Idol Master Anime PV2


Persona 4 reaction guy


Persona 4 PV



8 thoughts on “Daily Intake 18.04.11

  1. Whoever takes the job of animating the new Kenshin would be better served if they use Watsuki’s new designs. It’d be refreshing, to say the least.

    Dezaki’s passing is a huge loss for anime, and his contributions to anime will always be remembered.

  2. man, surprisingly, Dog Days is making me anticipate their Blu-Ray releases more and more… and they better not let me down!

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