Daily Intake 13.04.11

⚫ The author of Infinite Stratos, Yumizuru Izuru, has started a twitter account here. Nice to see they already have over a thousand followers having only signed up yesterday! He has posted some thoughts on anime, including a glowing mention for Rotte no Omocha, and saying that Tiger and Bunny was super interesting. He seems to be watching most of the anime this season!

⚫ Tiger & Bunny vol. 1 (preorder) reached the 9th spot on the Amazon bestseller ranking.

⚫ Can’t wait till these marching Poplar army figures come out! You guys should order them too!

⚫ You can view the ‘C’ no-credits OP at the official website now! Speaking of C, there’s a new PV out and it seems to feature many animation fixes compared with the earlier one. See some screenshot comparisons here. They’re a big improvement. I still have my worries over how the production on this one will turn out. I’m more interested in ANOHANA to be honest.

⚫ Ken Akamatsu’s J-comi will start uploading new manga series as early as tonight from authors who have approved their out-of-print manga to be distributed on the website. (via @krnerdnews). I haven’t checked out J-comi in a while, but it’s a really great concept: an ad-supported website that offers out of print manga to view or download for free. It was started by Ken Akamatsu, who kicked it off by putting Love Hina up.


Steins;Gate ep 3 Preview

No.6 Trailer

Aquarion EVOL


Steins;Gate 2

Steins;Gate episode 2 didn’t deter my enthusiasm one bit! In fact, it has cemented my view that it will be a thoroughly fascinating and gripping mystery/psychological thriller! One thing I really like about it, is that it can craft a tense mind-fuck kind of atmosphere when it needs to, but also has moments where the pace takes a step back and plays out a regular scene. This episode is probably a better example of that than last week’s. Amid the weird time-breaking story, there are beats of extended dialogue and character moments that give the episode a sense of structure, and allows the characters to be developed. I’m really liking the characters of Steins;Gate so far. The deluded mad professor is both an interesting and comical personality, while Mayuri and Feyris give the show a delightful touch of cuteness. As for the other one, well, I’m still not convinced (spoiler).

The scene in the maid cafe was really moe, especially the stuff with Feyris who is clearly a prodigious maid cafe worker and who plays the role perfectly. I think I would be one of her many no.1 customers too! I also have to say that it was nice to hear Momoi’s voice (as Feyris) again. It almost feels nostalgic these days, but she used to be a staple moe voice.


Dare no me? lol.. couldn't help myself.


Kaiji 2

Yeah.. I was wrong. I take it all back. Kaiji season 2 CAN be as epic as the first season. This episode had me at the egde of my seat, my heart pounding along with Kaiji’s every move as the icy suspense rose to its apex with his first big bet of the season. The epic music probably helped (seriously, it’s already a better soundtrack than Kaiji’s first season), but this was manly-tear worthy! And just think, this is only the beginning of a simple dice game.. it’s going to get much more heated later on.

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