Daily Intake 12.04.11

⚫ Tokyo Metropolis governor, Ishihara says that, if he is re-elected, he wants to continue his restrictions so that the internet is also restricted! This is terrible news, especially because all signs point to him having been re-elected (or is it official now?). I thought the internet would become an avenue for creators to continue to express themselves where they would otherwise be regulated. Let us all pray that he succumbs to a fatal heart attack. Where are you Kira? (source). Someone worked out his campaign strategy: he realised that the residents of Tokyo were masochists (pic).

⚫ Don’t think I mentioned this yet: Production I.G are continuing their Blood series with a new TV anime, Blood-C. CLAMP was in charge of the original character designs, and it will air in July.Official Site.

⚫ Poyoyon Rock (Akio Watanabe) jumped in and won the bit for a Tote bag Aki Toyosaki put up on Yahoo auctions, the proceeds of which are going to charity! He paid a significant 1,566,600 yen for it!? How much!? How can he afford this?? He either really wanted to give to Earthquake victims or he is a HUGE Aki Toyosaki fan lol. (source)

⚫ lol.. Nichijou now has an entry on the imfdb, the internet movie firearms database! All the weapons that have been used in the first two episodes have been identified. Japanese blogs have caught on and seem to be impressed with the gaijin attention to detail ww. (source)

⚫ More info on the Persona 4 anime: The studio is AIC ASTA, character designer: Soeijima Shigenori, Director: Kishi Seiji! Seems like a good staff. Kishi Seiji is a good director, although his forte tends to be comedy rather than this kind of story. The character designs look like they’ll be good:

⚫ Now this is truly amazing. This otaku room is almost too awesome for human eyes, and allegedly it belongs to a highschool girl? Check out pictures here. The theme is Railgun/Index and she didn’t hold back on decorations with hints of ero to them! The pictures were posted to 2channel by someone claiming to be the brother of this senior high school little sister. Nice that she doesn’t have to conceal it like Kirino!

⚫ Fractale volume 1 goes on sale next week. The tension is high, but it seems most people are expecting it to bomb, and many are actively HOPING for it to bomb. I’m in the former category, going by its current amazon ranking of 1000.

Screencaps released for Katte ni Kaizou, a new SHAFT anime adaptation. It doesn’t seem especially grabbing to me.

⚫ Very nice translation of the meaning behind the title Hanasaku Iroha.


Astarotte no Omocha..or whatever the hell it’s called now

So I checked out Lotte no Omocha, which I’m going to stubbornly continue to call it, yesterday and I definitely wasn’t let down! I checked out the manga way back when I heard about the crazy premise and saw the cute loli designs. Unsurprisingly, it was exactly the same thing that attracted me to the anime (I all but forgot about the manga after the first few chapters). If you haven’t heard the premise yet, it’s definitely worth hearing:

In the medieval fantasy world of Alfheimr, succubus princess Astrarotte Ygvar, the first princess of the kingdom of Ygvar, has just reached the age of 10. For the coming years of a young succubus life, it is necessary for them to have a male harem. In order to maintain their body and preserve their beautiful appearance, they must consume a substance only found on males. This substance is a liquid called Sauzfryma, better known as semen. .. etc etc

Now it’s worth mentioning that there is no actual consumption of semen (at least, that I’m aware of), because our lead princess happens to be a frigid tsundere who doesn’t live up to the succubus namesake. So it’s not as dirty as this premise might suggest. If it was, it couldn’t air on TV! That said, there is plenty of lovely fanservice, both of the loli variety and of the non bib-breasted variety. The first half of the episode is basically an extended bath scene, and then there’s a nopan imouto character, and S&M gag (in both meanings of the word), and plenty of panty shots thrown around the place. The service is superb, but the colourful characters and solid animation production that deliver it really make it a fun and cute series. Definitely keeping up with this one.


Haha what could these “weapons” be? Also, a toy hammer??


Hanasaku Iroha 2

But of course the highlight of last night was, without any doubt, Hanasaku Iroha, which shows no signs of derailment from the utmost engaging and superbly crafted first episode. This anime has a delicate human touch that the entire anime genre needs to learn from – it’s a human drama at heart, and a fascinating coming of age story with the kind of tenderness and believability that many anime could only dream of. Also, I’m officially dedicating my love to Ohana (and her sex hair) for this entire season. Kanae Itou has made her a riveting and adorable character. This second episode starts to flesh out some of the other characters, and also does a good job allaying fears that this anime would be predictable with a nasty twist at the end. I hear that Hanasaku Iroha has the most discussion threads on 2channel of all the anime this season so far, which I’m glad to see. If you aren’t watching this yet, then you should be!

In Ohana's case, that's obviousy her sexy, sexy hair!
There's something really tender and sweet about this moment.
Loli Ohana is incredibly cute. Also, damn her mother!

Lesson 1: Revenge is a dish best served with broccoli.


Nendoriod Petit batch delivery!

I’m now the lucky owner of 3 brand new limited nendoroid petits: Poplar, Nanoha and Vivio! Each was a bundle with the limited edition of the latest volume of the manga, and all three happened to come out this month! As expected of Goodsmile, these products are really lovely!~ The Poplar one is perfect, Vivio is really cute and the Nanoha one is definitely one of the most detailed Petits I’ve seen! Any other nendo puchi collectors here?

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    1. strange.. I actually realised he’d already been re-elected before I published this post and had edited the paragraph to reflect that, but I guess I didn’t save the changes.

      Still really bad news.

  1. wow, that Poplar nendo puchi is INCREDIBLY cute, better not let Takanashi see any of those or he’ll explode

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