Daily Intake 10.04.11

⚫ A date for the final episodes of Madoka Magica has been finalised! Episodes 11 and 12 will be broadcast consecutively on the 21st of April, on MBS and TBC. CBS will also broadcast the last two episodes on the 24th.I can taste the anticipation! Kind of a shame it had to bleed into the new season, because it takes away some of the build-up, but on the other hand I hope it gave Shaft enough time to make the last two episodes something special! (source)

⚫ Kissdum Engage BD Boxset coming September 26th.

⚫ Results of an internet survey on the cutest expressions for girls were published on Rocket News. I find them kinda interesting. There’s ‘Hauu’, ‘Tehe!’, ‘Dazo’, ‘Danya~’, ‘Arere~?’ and many more. When I read this, the sound of different anime characters echo through my mind. I kinda wish ‘Nishishishi~’ had made it on the list!

⚫ Anime Announcement: Persona 4! Official Site. Looks like it’ll be produced by Aniplex and MBS. (source)


The Horizon Above the Boundary-Line (Kyoukai Senjou no Horizon) PV

I’m not to keen on the design work, but the animation quality in those action scenes is pretty astounding.


Dog Days 2

This is a bit more like it!~ Dog Days 2 was actually enjoyable. I think most of us can agree that this was never going to be a great anime, with a sophisticated, gripping plot or engaging characters, but that doesn’t mean it can’t be entertaining! The problem that episode 1 had, and which episode 2 didn’t, is that there was no real action (unless you count the OP!), and no fanservice whatsoever. My approach to anime is that, if it’s going to be a mediocre anime, it should have the decency to be indecent and pander to its fans. This episode delivered a bit of that (but I hope we get much more in later episodes!), with a cute, Negima-esque stripping moment. it definitely attracted me to Eclair! I’m hoping for some service of the adorable princess next! On top of that, there was a lot of action, and the battle scenes turned out to be more epic than the athletics-based tussles of last week seemed to suggest. Thankfully, there was some good animation to support these scenes, and the result was something rather exhilarating. I’m also glad that they bought up the issue of the hero not being able to return home (you’d think he would have inquired about that sooner!). I had to laugh over the Princess having overlooked that particular issue – it seems being ditsy is another of her charm points!

The Eclair service scene was lovely! She was also groped rather enthusiastically by the hero earlier in the episode!


The other character who caught my eye this week, Garrett des Rois, is pretty badass and also shows a self-aware feminine allure.



Sofutenni was pretty damned disappointing. At least I understood one thing after watching this episode – why it took so long for someone to sub it. I was expecting better fanservice and more moe characters, but instead this anime focused on the comedy angle. I’d like to at least say the gags were hit and miss, but the cruel truth is that it’s almost entirely miss. I felt the same way about Nichijou, but at least Nichijou had a nice atmosphere and that KyoAni polish. This has little to offer. Even the delightful voice of Kanae Itou doesn’t drown out the dullness of the characters and premise. To make matters even more dire, the fanservice is censored.




2 thoughts on “Daily Intake 10.04.11

  1. you know what i’ll do? I’ll marathon the whole 10eps on Thursday night, so by Friday morning it will be all good to go.
    After ep11 I’ll marathon the 11 eps again before moving onto ep12, just for good measures.

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