Daily Intake 09.04.11

⚫ The popular game series Monster Hunter had influence on the Madoka Magica weapons designs (source)

⚫ Nice ero-ish Denpa Onna futon set LINK. But wow, 21,000 yen!

⚫ Yamakan laughing at those people who demand that their 2D girls are virgins, asking the question, ‘what kind of religion is that?’. He has a good point, there. (source)

⚫ Dog Days #1 is up for preorder on Amazon. I wonder how far it will climb the rankings? So far this season, Steins;Gate seems to be dominating.

⚫ I didn’t hear about this until now, but Astarotte no Omocha is getting an OVA episode with the DVD/BD releases, making it a 12+1 anime series! I wonder if it’ll be a ‘too-dangerous-for-TV kind of episode, like Sora no Otoshimono’s or Moetan’s! (source)


Dororon Enma-kun Meeramera

I think I might of been one of the 6 or 7 non-Japanese people who were genuinely anticipating this anime before this season started! In my case, my interest was piqued by the PV that came out a while back, which was overloaded with all kinds of promising awesomeness, both in terms of the crazy content and the excellent production values. From there, I did a little investigation to discover it was a remake of an anime based on a much-loved Go Nagai manga. The original anime aimed in 1974 and was aimed at children. This series is a late-night anime produced by Brains Base, which appears to pack both the perversity and horror themes of the original manga! Here’s the premise:

It’s Tokyo in the 1970s, and evil youkai (goblins) are attacking the human world. The “Youkai Patrol” – Enma, Princess Yukiko, Kapaeru, and Grandpa Shappo – are sent from hell to exterminate them.

For most people, I’m guessing this anime was a bit of a dark horse for the season. But either way, the fact is, it is very good! Brains Base are on fine form with this one. The animation is excellent and all elements of the visual design are great. Although the character designs were updated for the new anime, there’s still a distinct old-school flavour to this series, both in terms of the tone and the look of it. It’s a polished, yet charmingly erratic kind of anime. I wish Brains Base could have put this much love into Durarara. Other than saying it’s good, Enma-kun is pretty hard to describe. It really needs to be watched.

I’ll admit that the sense of humour might not appeal to everyone, but if you can deal with the full-throttle pace of this anime, there are a lot of laughs, fanservice and cute moments to be had out of this! Personally, I couldn’t get enough! After all, episode one featured a sexy ice princess, a hat with the voice of Norio Wakamoto, an adorable loli, and some good gags!


It looks like they preserved the nopan thing from the original anime!


By the way, I just stumbled across this today. Looks like it’s a spinoff manga with Yukiko as the main character, Shururun Yukiko Hime-chan: feat. Dororon Enma-kun. As you’ll see by the pictures, it looks very erotic! So if the anime didn’t satisfy your Yukiko lust…

Check out the awesome OP!


Kore wa Zombie Desu Ka 12

Now this was a fun way to send off the series after the highly dramatic tone of the last few episodes! Which isn’t to say that I didn’t enjoy the drama that unfolded with Eu and her zombies; I did! Those episodes had real emotion and made Eu one of the most moe characters of the season, if not the most! She really has the classic “I want to hold her and stand up for her” attraction down pat. But pool, swimsuits, and laughter? COUNT ME IN! And the episode really did deliver on its opening line – it was a frivolous and highly entertaining gallery of the KoreZom girls in sexy swimsuits and other alluring outfits. Due to the idol part of the episode, in which Seraphim, Hartuna and even Ue make their debut as a a singer idol, we also got some cute singing and other hilarity. It was getting really heated up there for a bit, but the episode made its final farewell with a blissful dose of fanservice – all the girls (and I do mean all) in tiny bikinis!! YONDA??

Fellow KoreZom fans, don’t forget to look forward to episode 13!


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