Daily Intake 08.04.11

⚫ Hashihime stumbled upon this Japanese poll that asked: who is your favourite anime heroine of last season? The winner was Charlotte (the one from Infninte Stratos, not the one from Madoka Magica!), followed by a surprising runner-up, Victorique from Gosick, and then Homura from Madoka Magica. Char being the clear winner doesn’t surprise me at all, and I have to admit I’d probably vote that way too if I had to make a snap decision. If I DID have time for it, well…. let me get back to you on that one.

⚫ Oh wow, when did they add this? Maid-cosplay Kirino version on the OreImo Iphone app?! PIC

⚫ Gen Urobochi is already working on a new TV-anime currently in the planning stage! His career has really taken off, and so it should! The more this guy writes for anime the happier I’ll be! Even if he does kill if characters haha. (source)

⚫ Next month will bring great tidings: An important announcement for Shakugan no Shana! A lot of people seem to think it will be a third season. (source)

New Last Exile PV!

As you might know, GONZO has been making a slow comeback lately. It lost most of its staff after a bankruptcy-induced restructure, but they’ve been doing minor animation works for a while now. Their efforts have been progressively climbing towards this new debut which will, they hope, launch them back onto the playing field as a major anime studio. They’re using one of their most acclaimed and successful original anime to do this – revisiting Last Exile! I feel kind of tempted to declare heresy, but I don’t want to shoot down GONZO’s chance of a return. To me this new PV doesn’t have nearly the ambition or quality of the original Last Exile (playing the footage together like that might have been a bad idea). This PV says to me, ‘we’re coming back to produce solid, successful anime, not masterpieces’.


Genshiken 62!

I read Genshiken chapter 62 last night, and wow did make up for last chapter or what? Last chapter honestly didn’t feel much like Genshiken – it was an awkward and rather dull exploration of the mind of a fujoshi.. a male trap fujoshi. It didn’t really feel genuine and lacked the usual level of comedy. This chapter, however, was packed with references, earnest themes of friendship, and lots of funny moments! I actually think this is the most references we’ve had in a single chapter before! I managed to get a few of them, but not nearly enough. Sue’s outbursts made me laugh, and even the trap’s predicament this chapter got a few bursts of laughter out of me. To my mind, he’s still the weakest link of the new Genshiken manga. Even though he’s had the most character development of the new characters, and at one point I thought I’d come to like him, he’s generally more of an annoyance than anything. I think the problem is that his personality is all just based around the fact that he’s a trap, which makes him much less nuanced and interesting than the other Genshiken members. I do have to thank him for being the catalyst for this chapter’s cosplay! Sue’s getup was awesome, and Ogiue as Azunyan definitely got me fired up! She’s so cute! The Kuragehime one was really cute as well.

Most importantly, it’s great to see the resumption of Genshiken has been a success and it will now continue beyond the original temporary arrangement!


Nice boat, still a hilarious meme and the best thing School Days ever gave us.


Pantsu janai kara hazukashikunai mon!!


Haha Sue looks so cool! But can anyone name the cosplay?

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