Daily Intake 07.04.11

⚫ upoming anime, ‘ The Horizon Above the Boundary-Line (Kyoukai Senjou no Horizon)’ will be released in october!. This announcement came in the new issue of Newtype, along with the core staff. The studio is Sunrise, director is Ano Manabu (A-Channel, Saki), and scriptwriter is Urahata Tatsuhiko (A-channel, Saki, Strawberry Panic). I haven’t seen any info as to what format the anime will take, but I did look up the original work – a science-fiction light novel. I guess A-channel will be a good measure of how well this anime will turn out. Official Site.


⚫ And an update on another anime adaptation: Kamisama no Memochyou (God’s Memo Book): It’ll be done by J.C Staff and start airing this Summer!

⚫ Apparently if you dial the phone number of the Hot Springs Hotel that Ohana went to in the first episode of Hanasaku Iroha, you will be greeted with an answering machine recording by Kanae Itou, in character! The phone number was shown in a certain part of the episode

The screenshot:


A recording of the answering machine:


This website has put together a rather nice analysis of the effectiveness of last season’s anime on promoting sales of their original work. Naturally, Madoka Magica is excluded because it’s an original anime. In terms of the boost to the actual number of sales:

    1:Infinite Stratos (light novel)
    2:Yumekui Merry (manga)
    3: Beelzebub (manga)
    4: Freezing
    5: Kore wa Zombie Desu Ka
    6: Oniichan no Koto Zenzen Suki Janai…
    7: GOSICK
    8: Level E
    9: Horou Musuko
    10. Dragon Crisis

The increase in sales for Infinite Stratos was roughly 10 times that of Horou Musuko or Dragon Crisis, and more than double that of it’s closest competitor, Yumekui Merry. Interestingly, another list compares them in terms of the increase in sales relative to the volume of sales prior to the anime. In that comparison, Freezing became the clear winner, followed by Horou Musuko. Infinite Stratos was 4th.

⚫ The special book that came with the third Index II Blu-ray included an alluring illustration of Misaka stripping in an alley. I’m not too sure what the scenario behind this is, but in the mean time I need to try and get the blood back up to my head. The sight of a bashful and semi-nude Biri-biri is truly overwhelming! Is that her mother who’s totally naked? This makes me wanna see a fanservice scene of Biri-biri, her mother, AND Last Order. It’d be like an evolution chart of Misaka.. One more observation: is she wearing string panties? She finally listened to Kuroko’s underwear fashion advice??

⚫ As this lovely Hanasaku poster illustrated by Kishida Mel (the original character designer) seems to affirm, I’m getting a certain yuri vibe from those two characters holding hands. Do you feel it too?

⚫ Baby Princess scan. Places I want to be right this very second (also, see above):


@EarlBox visited the Nendoroid Cafe and took some excellent photos. It’s truly a sight to behold. I kind of want to live there.

AMV: Alter Project [MEP]

Every so often an MEP (Multi Editor Project) comes along that’s actually good. And every so often, one of those turns out to be great! See the video below for a rare example! The song is a bit of a classic. I remember it from an absolutely awesome Nanoha MAD back in the day. It goes really well with the frenetic and excited pace of this AMV!

Nana to Kaoru 01

So I finally go around to watching the Nana to Kaoru OVA…

A magnificent story of two high-school student’s foray into the erotically charged and ultimately romance-tinged realm of softcore S&M! That’s Nana to Kaoru! Sounds exciting? Well, it kind of is. I’ve been reading the manga for a while now, and it delivers really erotic and interesting content month after month. You don’t have to be a hardcore fan of S&M to enjoy this manga (I’m not), because it introduces the concept really well and keeps your interest with strong characterisation underpinning the s&M play. The idea is that Kaoru is a bit of an unpopular, creepy guy at school, and Nana is an over-achieving, self-appointed good-girl. After certain circumstances, Nana uncovers Kaoru’s S&M fascination, and curiosity leads her to try it out. She initially sees them as a secret way to let off stress, which her demanding lifestyle accumulates, but she eventually realises she has similar perversions. Either way, there’s no denying the attraction.

Unfortunately this anime version skipped over a lot of that background character detail and leaped right into the action. Kaoru is particularly undeveloped. But you know who isn’t undeveloped? Nana. And this OVA episode flaunts her eroticism to full extent, and doesn’t avoid the perversity that the manga portrays. So, I’d suggest reading the manga for a bit more depth to the story, but if you’re in it more for the arousing bondage content then the anime should do the trick! The execution doesn’t get in the way either. It’s certainly a solid adaptation, from the art quality to the seiyuu. If you like Nana’s journey to the submissive side, then you’ll love it when things heat up after the introduction of a rival S girl!

I can’t believe the point where this episode chose to cut out. Next OVA should be a real treat XD!


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