Daily Intake 06.04.11

⚫ The ‘obi’ sleeve on volume 6 of the vastly popular comedy-romance light novel series, Boku wa Tomodachi ga Sukunai will make an important announcement (source)! Seems to me that it’s about time this got an anime. View this page on mangaupdates for a pretty good description.

⚫ Infinite Stratos volume one sold amazingly well, breaking the 30,000 mark in combined DVD+BD sales (most of them being Blu-ray of course!). The Infinite Stratos anime has been nothing short of a triumph, boosting sales of the light novels (which just crossed over 140,000 in total) and scoring tremendous sales like this in its own right. Congratulations are in order for studio 8-bit and all the staff involved! Season 2 is pretty much guaranteed now!



Hidan no Aria PV

OP theme “Scarlet Ballet” by May’n

Steins;Gate 01

This and Hanasaku Iroha and Steins;Gate were the two anime this season that I was getting the most promising vibes from, and like the former, this anime delivered everything I expected, and maybe even more! One of the reasons I really wanted to see this anime is because I’ve seen Chaos;Head. But don’t take that the wrong way – I didn’t really like Chaos;Head, but I saw a lot of wasted potential in that anime, and really got the sense that the VN from which it was based was probably a genuinely good work. Steins;Gate is the game that 5pb/Nitro+ did after Chaos;Head and it features the same intriguing blend of psychological drama, science fiction and delusion. This anime capitalises on the strengths of the VN’s story and seems set to deliver and enthralling modern mystery.

So far we’ve been introduced to a trio of university students who’ve formed a fringe science club. Once’s a self-proclaimed mad scientist with the laugh to prove it, one’s an adorable but weird and air-headed girl and the other is an overweight hacker with a thing for 2D girls! The cast seem really fun so far (Kana Hanazawa’s character is adorable!), and we still have more to meet! This first episode introduces a time-travel themed murder mystery, an unknown crashed satellite in Akihabara, and unexplained memories. So the plot’s already thick!

Probably the biggest reason I loved this and managed to get through the poorly-executed Chaos;Head is because of all the really interesting science-fiction ideas that are floating around. The combination of unusual science-fiction and an aura of paranoia actually kind of reminds me of why I loved X-file so much! But more than anything there’s a definite streak of Serial Experiments Lain in here, mostly from the style (shots of powerlines, washed out colours, static, etc). The visual quality and animation is very definitely very good as well. The storyboard and direction this episode was very creative and solid. I seriously recommend people try this out!


Also, here’s a preview for episode 2:


Kaiji II 01

I’m an avid follower of Akagi, and, to a lesser extent, Kaiji, so it was already predecided that I would be watching this entire series, regardless of how much I enjoy it. Even still, this first episode wasn’t really what I expected. After his last adventure in the land of underground gambling, Kaiji now finds himself at a new low. His only escape from a prison-like life of slave labour is gambling! This week didn’t actually feature any of that, instead focused on setting Kaiji up as utterly desperate once again. It was actually kind if depressing .. zawa…zawa. Althought I doubt it can top the awesomeness of rock-paper-scissors from season 1, I’m sure this season will pick up again once the games begin!

Kaiji was like a 23 minute beer advertisement!


Meanwhile, Steins;Gate has invented a new slogan for Dr Pepper...

12 thoughts on “Daily Intake 06.04.11

  1. oh, i think we all know what Ika would wish for…unlimited shrimp. That, or to be Queen of the Earth, ha.

  2. I just wonder how they’re going to go about adapting the mahjong arc in Kaiji, since I’ve heard not-so-good things about it. FKMT seems to like putting mahjong everywhere in his manga…

    1. haha yeah. I heard that the mahjong coming up is just a memory game with the tiles not actual mahjong. A real shame, because I get into Mahjong like nothing else. Akagi awakened that side of me!

  3. I feel like im the only person that didn’t really “get” Stein;Gate. I never seen Choas; Head so i have no point of comparision there. Its just that everything seem so sporadic in that first episode. One second people are dying, next second people are disappearing, next second UFOs are crashing into places, then they’re cooking Bananas!

    Felt like i was watching a more messed up and less funny version of Nichijou.

    I know this is just the 1st ep, and i’ll definitely watch more, but i just want to know what i missed :<

    1. My impression was that you weren’t supposed to *get* this first episode. It’s intentionally disjointed to emphasis the discordant reality that the main character suffered, with all those messed up memories. I can see why some might not like that style though, but I love it! I enjoyed Serial Experiments Lain after all. A good mystery that plays with your mind is like a good puzzle. Hopefully this anime will turn out to be like that.

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