Daily Intake 04.04.11

It seems this has become a weekday thing lately! Although I have been busy, if I get the chance to over the weekends I will be doing Daily Updates. I haven’t lost my motivation or anything! I don’t really want to try and cover 4 days worth of news in detail, so let’s just recap some of the important things that happened over last weekend. The good news is, the countdown on the Working!! finally revealed that a second season and a BD-Boxset were coming our way! I was right! Normally I would be extremely excited about this news, but there’s also bad news: the staff have changed. The director is now the director of Kanokon and Motto to Love Ru, Atsushi Ootsuki! Why change the staff? They’re fixing what wasn’t anywhere near being broken, and to make matters worse, they’re fixing it with an inferior tool.

Then there’s the start of the new season! I don’t know if that’s good news or bad news yet. Last night I checked out DOG DAYS and Nichijou, both of which were disappointing. Well, I say disappointing, but in the case of Nichijou it was very much a “as expected” kind of feeling. As expected of Kyoto Animation, the animation production was superb and without fault. But the other thing I expected also came true: it was really boring. I’m experiencing the Keion syndrome all over again. I won’t hold it against fans, but I just can’t understand where people find the entertainment value in this! I’m hoping A-channel will be a lot more fun! In the case of DOG DAYS… I’d have to give it a ‘what is this I don’t even’ out of 10. It’s seriously weird, and lacks a good plot or interesting characters. It’s asset is the adorable dog-girls, but unless they chuck in a heap of fanservice and classy battle sequences, it won’t be able to save it!

Anyway, without further ado:

⚫ Yamakan posted on twitter to say that Ordet definitely is not folding and already has a new work planned. That’s good news! Say what you will of Fractale or Yamakan, but it would be sad to see Ordet fade away.

⚫ In its opening week, Kore Zombie sold 1055 DVDs and 2,197 BDs, giving a total of ~3,200 copies. This figure is above the Manabi line, so you can’t say it bombed, but I still think it’s rather a disappointing number, given how much I enjoyed the show. Looks like there won’t be another season at this rate. Wonder if the earthquake had an impact. I can’t help but feel like they could have sold more by making them uncensored. (source)

⚫ Hanasaku Iroha #1 scenery locations here. Don’t care much about where it was based, but it sure does look pretty!

⚫ This is really lovely.. Takenashi Eri, mangaka of Kannagi sent Yamakan a picture congratulating him on finishing Fractale. As you might know, Yamakan directed the popular Kannagi anime adaptation. This is such a sweet gesture. Yamakan posted it on twitter and said it bought a tear to his eye!

This official tweet suggests that Tiger & Bunny will be a 2-cour anime by saying there is a script for episode 23! In case you hadn’t heard, Tiger & Bunny is a new original anime from Sunrise.

⚫ A trailer for Sacred Seven, the upcoming original Sunrise mecha anime is up on the official website.

⚫ This is a genuinely awesome Madoka flash game! It features actual strategy! Click and hold QB over the magical girls to level them to level 1, then drag them near witches to attack. Tell me your high scores! http://illucalab.c2.coreserver.jp/incubator.html




Maria Holic PV


A-channel PV2

11 thoughts on “Daily Intake 04.04.11

  1. Good for Yamakan, then. I don’t really want to categorically say Fractale sucked a million donkey dongs, because there were some hints of a great show in there. Still, I want to see him with a shaved head just for the hell of it.

    1. Yeah there were hints of a good show, but probably not because of his input. Yamakan let me down with this one. Maybe he’s better as a producer after all!

  2. i don’t know, as a whole Fractale just seems like an unfulfilled promise.
    Pity that not many people watched Hourou Musuko, because it’s IMO the better one out of the two time slots.

  3. Maybe there is nothing wrong on Working anime. Some studios works in more than 1 anime at the same time so maybe that staff is needed for another project.

    I will try soon Madoka game

    1. That’s not uncommon, but I would have then rather them waited until they could at least get the core staff working on the project again.. Working was so good because of the execution more than the content, so I have my fears about the next season.

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