Sakuga MAD March Notes


uploaded by animeblue


uploaded by mochihan3

And here we are again, with two sakuga MADs that cover most of the memorable animation to come out of the anime industry within the past month. Although the recent disaster in Japan has thrown the airdates of many TV anime out of alignment, this month generally encompasses the end of the Winter season! This means that it includes many important, climactic episodes which naturally feature a higher caliber of animation. I was pretty happy with the month gone by, although Tanaka Hironori was noticeably absent (compared with his usual prolific schedule), which may be due to the new FMA movie and/or Precure movie project. There were a number of highlight episodes to enjoy.

Thanks again to mochihan3 and animeblue for their efforts in putting these MADs together. They do a great service to the sakuga fandom. This month I’ve focused on animeblue’s MAD because I think it features a better selection.

    ⚫ Fractale 8. This episode was storyboarded and directed by Mamoru Kanbe (Elfen Lied director), and, to my mind, was the best episode of the entire series. I’m not actually a big fan of Elfen Lied, but I have to hand it to Kanbe here, this was certainly the Fractale episode with the most cinematic feel and with the most visual impact. The shot with the ‘special’ Nessa pointing to the exit amid the burning wreckage really stayed with me, as did the missile effect animation. Another noteable bit of animation was Nessa’s tantrum, which is featured in this MAD. But probably the coolest part was Nessa arriving in the Temple’s facility and frying the ‘operating room’.

    There are some moments of good animation from later episodes too.

    ⚫ Index 22 featured some excellent animation in the fight scenes..

    ⚫ The Monster Princess OVA was a real surprise! I haven’t seen it myself, but these clips are really great! The first part in this MAD is fighting the crayfish-like monster in the train, then there’s multiple parts of the fight on top of the train. It’s the train-top fight that really grabbed my eye. The word is that it’s animated by Tatsuya Yoshihara, one of those animators I keep my eye on. The fight between the dude and the blonde girl certainly does fit his style.

    ⚫ Yumekui 11 featured animation from Yoshihiko Umakoshi, and Hiroshi Tomioka (yet again!). The fight scene looks like it would be Umakoshi, I guess. I haven’t seen the episode yet, myself.

    ⚫ Kore Zombie 11: The fist fight was really great! It was probably the work of Takahashi Shinya (高橋しんや).

    ⚫ The fight sequence on the street in Dragon Crisis 10 was done by Hiroshi Tomioka, as was the part from episode 12 (at about 4.50).

    ⚫ Now we get to Madoka episode 10! The participation of studio GoHands transformed Madoka 10 into a stand-out episode, but much of the best animation came from SHAFT’s two star animators, Genichirou Abe and Imamura Ryo. Imamura is responsible for the school-uniform-themed fight scene in the sky, which is my favourite part of the episode. The way he uses lots of scrawled lines in his action cuts to suggest movement gives him away. Imamura is definitely the best asset SHAFT has in terms of animation. His parts in Bakemonogatari were amazing (Shinobu’s kick attack in 15, and the fights with Subaru in her arc). The part where Madoka was dodging wheels was done by the stellar Hiroshi Ookubo, and was my second favourite bit. For whatever reason, the contributions of other animators weren’t included in this, so I’ll just add:

    The part where Homura destroys the drum: Genichirou Abe
    The effect animation in the first battle-sequence with a witch: Kenichi Kutsuna (which wasn’t all that impressive)

    Interestingly, there were around 40 key animators involves in this episode, which is an awful lot.

    ⚫ Letter Bee Reverse 25: The awesome effect animation for the attack was done by Ooshiro Tsutomu

    ⚫ Kimi ni Todoke II 12: The cut where the guy is riding his bike was certainly done by Tadashi Hiramatsu.

Here’s to a season (almost) closed! I’m hoping the next season will bring many more animation delights with it. The next Sakuga MAD we’ll have a lot of OPs and EDs to see! As usual, I welcome any corrections and contributions. I’m especially curious about the first part of the fight scene on the train roof from Monster princess. It certainly doesn’t seem like Tatsuya to me. Maybe I’ll hunt through the credits later.

5 thoughts on “Sakuga MAD March Notes

  1. Tadashi Hiramatsu, yay! It’s nice seeing that guy do some work again–his episode of PSG was one of my favorites. I’d like to see him direct his own project someday.

      1. It’s the episode of PSG where Panty & Stocking just sit in their room, either ordering food or just joking around. The viewpoint is quite static, yet the episode has a ton of fun stuff going on that I found myself glued to it the whole time. I remember the Japanese sakuota crowd also praised the ep to high heaven too, with probably the same reason I have.

        1. Ah yeah I saw a lot of praise for that. Kind of a shame the anime didn’t hold my interest. One day soon I might go and watch all the noteable sub-episodes!

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