Ore no Imouto ga Konna ni Kawaii wake ga nai #13

It’s that time again! After getting through this latest episode of OreImo in a near-constant state of laughter and mirth, I’ve decided: this anime cannot finish! We cannot allow it! It is a treasure for all anime otaku! As soon as the ever-irresistible OP kicks in I switch into OreImo mode and just can’t look away. These last two episodes seem like they’re a step ahead of the TV-broadcast episodes, and are a little more brazen and hardcore. There was the scatology DVD joke last episode, and the fujoshi fantasies we get hit with this time around are really extreme! Yes, fujoshi, the final piece to complete the collection of otaku-types in this series. After the secret fujoshi identity of Akagi is outed, she joins the ranks of Kyousuke (the normalfag), Kirino (moefag), Kuroneko (deepfag), and Saori (mecha..fag?). The scene where her wall of secrecy was torn apart by the tag-team of Kyousuke and Kuroneko was utterly hilarious and reminded me strongly of the beginnings of Ogiue’s character (from Genshiken). That was this episode’s summit of funniness, but there was more win to be found in the romantic developments between everyone’s favourite Oniichan and the confirmed-for-socially-awkward Kuroneko. As other members of Kana Hanazawa’s Kuroneko will attest to, this girl was already dangerously moe. Yet somehow this episode expands on her cuteness by introducing more of an insecure side and making her romantic inclinations less cryptic. It’s now very clear she has a thing for Kyousuke, and by the end of the episode, there’s a tangible chemistry in the air.

What about Kirino? Exactly. What about her? If she’s going to party it up in the US and forsake her comrades back home, then I think we have the right to shift our gazes towards Kuroneko and Akagi. I hope Akagi remainds a regular character, even if I’m not really into the whole fujoshi thing (*hides the Ogiue waifu evidence*).

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