Daily Intake 31.03.11

⚫ Screencaps for the upcoming anime by Manglobe (based on a manga), Deadman Wonderland were posted on Dengeki Online here. I think they look great, and I’m predicting the anime will be as well!

⚫ ‘Pixiv girls collection 2011’ is out. Check out some photos of the artbook on AkibaBlog’s website here. As you might’ve guessed, the subject matter is artwork featuring girls. Looks like it’s a great collection! I’ve recently become hooked on pixiv, actually!

⚫ The countdown on Working’s official website is now at ‘1’ so presumably the website will feature an important announcement tomorrow. Unfortunately, some news was revealed early which announces a special BIG issue coming out on the 25th of April. This is only unfortunate because people are speculating that it will be what the website countdown has been for. That would be a big letdown! I still think it will be more anime (I’m an optimist).

Pictures profiling all the girls from Steins;Gate. Looks like there is a decent bishoujou quota after all! I think I like the third one from the bottom the best! So cute! And don’t those CG shots look great? I might have to play this game.

⚫ Nice collection of pics of people playing around with the newly released Poplar nendoroid petit by switching heads and bodies with other puchis! The Poplar/Mayoi one works incredibly well. I can’t wait to get my hands on this new puchi! Waiting for a payment email from Ami Ami.

⚫ This, I did not expect: Arakawa Under the Bridge TV drama (live-action) to be aired on MBS & TBS in summer next year! How odd. (source)

⚫ Japanese anime otaku who live in the Kantou region are in trouble! The TV schedule for the first week of the new season is cruel! At 1.30am Thursday they will be getting Steins;Gate, ANOHANA, and Hidan no Aria all at the same time! (source)

⚫ Goo Ranking has done a survey of the ‘most entertaining’ anime of the last season to produce a top 10 ranking. It’s an interesting result. Kimi ni Todoke tops the poll, followed by Beelzebub and then Level E. Madoka is 4th! Infinite Stratos came in at 6th, just after Gosick. Either this is a bad ranking or I picked the wrong shows to watch this season – I didn’t watch any of the top 3!

⚫ A rigorous screencap comparison between the broadcast and BD versions of Infinite Stratos 1-2. Other than the obvious win of decensorship, there were also a few good animation fixes (not that much needed fixing, really).

Update:: DOG DAYS PV on the official website! That animation looks nice! http://www.dogdays.tv/special/


Sora no Otoshimono movie PV2

9 thoughts on “Daily Intake 31.03.11

  1. Needs more manglobe original anime, seriously. I can’t believe what happened to them–a Sunrise-lite studio full of fun, neat ideas…now they’re squashed by a run of disappointing choices of manga/LN adaptations.

    Though Five Leaves was good (Nakazawa was cool, as usual), but aside from that I’m not that hopeful for them anymore. I’d like to see Sayo Yamamoto direct an anime again.

    1. No one bought their original anime, except Samurai Champloo (for obvious reasons) and Ergo Proxy I guess.. still the point is that doing original anime all the time is too risky. I mean, look at Sunrise, they’ve just ridden the Gundam cash train their whole lives, and where are their new original anime? Sacred Seven had better deliver.

      I liked Five Leaves too!

      1. For all the things said about Sunrise’s money-grubbing antics, they at least spared a whole lot of their talent doing other very entertaining anime. I would even say that they reached the peak of their powers in the 90s.

        I guess what I wanted manglobe to do was a division close to that–manga/LN adaptation here, and a new original anime there. But since they’re not as talent-laden as Sunrise (obviously) or Bones, I guess that’s just wishful thinking currently.

  2. C, Steins;Gate, and Maria Holic Alive are the three I’m looking forward to the most and they’re gonna all air within an hour and a half of each other? Not to mention AnoHana, Denpa Onna, Sofuteni, and Scarlet Ammo. That’s going to be one busy day.

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