Daily Intake 29.03.11

⚫ The staff of a big video rental chain (Video Ya) in Japan have decided on the top anime they ‘enjoyed and would recommend’ to others from 2010! It’s pretty good to see a chain like this give a nod to anime otaku! The top 10 TV/OVA anime list they came up with is pretty interesting! (source)

    1. Keion!
    2. Seitokai Yakuindomo
    3. Gundam UC
    4. Bakemonogatari
    5. Railgun
    6. Soredemo Machi wa Matteiru
    7. Highschool of the Dead
    8. FMA
    9. Panty & Stocking
    10. Ika Musume

⚫ As promised, Ore Imo #13 was screened on Nico Nico today (screencaps)! I haven’t seen it yet myself, but the responses I’m reading are overwhelmingly positive. There’s a lot of love for Kuroneko, who has a bigger role now, while Kirino is overseas. As you probably know, these ‘true route’ episodes follow the novels’ story. As I’ve read spoilers for these novels and am aware of the awesome stuff to come, I’m really hoping for another season of this anime sometime soon!

⚫ Similar to the Gainax staffers posting their art on the Gainax top-page, Shounen Jump magazine has posted a collection of illustrations from its authors in support of the areas hit by the tsunami.

⚫ Any theories about the identity of the ‘mysterious’ black cat in the Madoka Magica OP have been put to rest by Gen Urobochi himself, who’s said that it’s entirely without relevant to the show! I have to admit, some of the ideas even had me going for a while there (like, the cat = HomuHomu!). Seems like it was just added in by the storyboarder of the OP as apparently, Urobochi’s reaction to seeing the storyboard was ‘eh? What’s with this cat?’. (source)

⚫ Infinite Stratos DVD/BD releases have been pushed back a month (2 onwards). (source)

⚫ Leading up to an important announcement of some kind (which I suspect is going to be an OVA or second season), Working’s official homepage has been showing a count-down of sorts. A couple of days ago the front-page simply displayed a large ‘5’. Today it simply presents you with the number 3 (and I presume yesterday said 4, but I didn’t see it)! The tension is increasing! This reminds me of the funny stuff that went down on the Haruhi web-page back in the day.

⚫ Hentai has made it into the Oxford English dictionary! Rejoice! LINK




New Steins;Gate PV

7 thoughts on “Daily Intake 29.03.11

  1. you’ll be surprised how many of the awesome “homura = perverted stalker” fanarts there are. Those are just purely hilarious

    1. Yeah, I keep laughing at them, especially ones where she just sniffs her panties or does some crazy act of perversion. Not that I’m complaining.

  2. Ok, you got my attention, Shana’s nipple “(in the manga)”… were they shown in the anime somewhere? and if so…HOW DID I MISS THIS? OTL

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