Daily Intake 28.03.11

⚫ Yamakan posted something on his twitter account today that has a lot of people talking (what a surprise!). He posted a tweet that said only ‘Owatta!!!’, which means ‘It’s over!!!’. Without any further context to go on, a bunch of people on 2channel have taken it to mean he’s fulfilling his promise to retire. Some comments were already wishing him congratulations on his retirement XD. Someone asked him ‘What’s over?’ and he responded with an even more baffling ‘human life..perhaps’. (source)

⚫ More people are posting about the new Subaru’s they’ve purchased after seeing the anime Houkago no Pleiades, which was sponsored by the company! Seems like the number of people to do so on 2ch has reached 9. Wow! Anime can sell anything I guess. (source)

⚫ The ratings of the new Precure series (Suite Precure) are on the way down – and they weren’t especially high to start off with, at least not by Precure standards. Could be Earthquake related..

⚫ A few days ago it was announced that the manga Yuruyuri was getting an anime adaptation! It’s a yuri-tinged comedy about a middle school club of four girls. It looks really cute. What’s interesting about this announcement is that there were hints being dropped about an anime adaptation over a year ago, but nothing came from them. Then this announcement came right out of nowhere! I guess they finally got sponsorship for it or something. The official website is open now. The studio will be Dogakobo (11 Eyes, Koihime Musou). The director is Masahiko Outa (Minami-ke, Mitsudomoe), and Chiaki Nakajima is doing his first character design position. Hearing that studio didn’t get me excited but Masahiko Outa has proven himself to be an excellent comedy director!

This auction on Yahoo Auctions Japan is pretty interesting. It’s a collection of materials that show the animation corrects made by the (overall) animation director! It ended up selling for 153,000 yen!! Wow.

⚫ It’s not often I really dislike an anime OP (the last time was probably Mayoi Neko), but the OP for SHAFT’s next anime, Denpa Onna has been uploaded to nicovideo and it sounds..terrible. Check it out here (you don’t need an account). I can hear the potential for a good song in there but it’s just ended up awful.

⚫ Steins;Gate’s marketing has clearly paid off.. Even before the anime has aired, the first BD volume has reached 15th in the Amazon preorder rankings! What’s more impressive is that volumes 2-8 are also ranked! They occupy the 24th-32nd places. Almost seems like something weird is going on here.. (source)

⚫ A new PV for the much-anticipated FMA:Brotherhood movie has been posted on the official website, http://www.hagaren-movie.net/. Honestly, it didn’t seem especially inspiring, but it did feature some excellent animation, as I would expect. I thought I saw some Hironori Tanaka in there. Even if the plot turns out to be terrible (which is unlikely), I’ll still be all over this for the animation.

⚫ Bakemonogatari prequel story, Kizumonogatari, by Nishio Ishin had an anime announced last year, which was later rumoured to be a movie adaptation. That is now officially confirmed. (source)

⚫ New Higurashi OVA series announced! Title: Higurashi no Naku Koro ni Kira! It’s going to be a four part OVA series, with the first Blu-ray being released on July 21. Studio DEEN will be handling the animation once more, and Hideki Tachibana is the director (H2O ~Footprints in the Sand~ ). It will apparently adapt the Batsukoishi-hen storyline from the visual novels, which the higurashi wiki tells me is:

    an extra story that originally came as an epilogue to Meakashi-hen. It was ultimately dropped from following chapters because it was too silly and not exactly relevant to the rest of the story.

    The story is essentially a boys against girls battle, with the club punishment games as the main weapon. Being that the boys side is severely lacking in members, Maebara Keiichi finds himself backed up by the other “Soul Brothers”, a group consisting of himself, Oishi Kuraudo, Irie Kyousuke, and Tomitake Jirou.

⚫ The next OreImo episode will be opening tomorrow! I’m excited!




Real Madoka Magica OP

I make no apologies!

9 thoughts on “Daily Intake 28.03.11

    1. Man, I love all these intakes you do since I also frequent the yaraon blog but can only interpret what they’re trying to say through the videos, pictures and basic Japanese. But you also use the site and happen to translate all the news on there. Thanks for these :)
      And what a disturbingly skillful edit and parody of the opening and ending…

      1. thanks! Good to hear from you! Yaraon is a very useful blog indeed.

        And ‘disturbingly skillful’ is a very good description of that video!

  1. Oh, Yamakan. The recent ratings slide for the noitaminA block probably got to him. He should just do what Koji Yamamoto did a year ago–shave his head bald–instead of acting all wishy-washy.

    1. heh. I’m not convinced he was even talking about himself there (for a change ;p). But I guess it does more or less coincide with the poor noitamina ratings.

  2. People buying cars because of an anime… Wel,l people is also starting to buy morning rescue because of madoka so I might anime is really a good ad system.

    1. yeah, and remember the headphones that Mio wore? They sold a heap and they aren’t cheap! But I guess a car is still on another level XD

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