Daily Intake 22.03.11

⚫ I forgot to mention that that lolirific light novel series I post about yesterday became a really heavy seller after it was widely blogged across the Internets. By the time that Akibablog article was posted, it was ranked 3rd on amazon sales and was just about sold out in Akiba. Wonder if there’ll be an anime ww.

⚫ There’s been a lot of chatter about a studio Ghibli documentary that was aired last night called “Ghibli monogatari’ (The Ghibli Story). It seems really in-depth. I definitely intend to see it. (caps). However, while all this fuss is going on about Ghibli, let’s mention the fact that their newest movie, Arriety BD went up for preorder and is currently ranked 6th on Amazon…just behind all 5 volumes of Madoka Magica that are available for preorder!

⚫ Comparison screencaps between TV and BD versions of Ika Musume episodes 7 and 8 (volume 4). I’m not usually one to say this, but these changes seem too pedantic. Half the time you have to wonder which version is better, which suggests that it mightn’t have been a good use of time and money (do BD omake instead?). (LINK)

⚫ Hana Jukki, who is credited with ‘series composition’ (a pivotal role in writing the story) for the spring anime Steins;Gate, said that the series cleverly connects all the routes of the game on which it is based. I like the sound of that! When anime are based on games, I always prefer they don’t do things the standard way of simply going route by route! In my opinion, Steins;Gate has quite a bit of promise.




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5 thoughts on “Daily Intake 22.03.11

  1. Denpa onna seems to be quite similar to the original and quite far from the typical anime style. It lookis great.

    About that loli thing there wasn’t a law for that?

    1. You mean the new bill? Well, that’s not in effect yet so.. yeah. Hope they can still release similar stuff after it kicks in :\

      1. Ah yeah It is for June or July. I forgot about this. But mm light novels would be rather considered literature like Ishihara novels. But this one is a bit too much, the images are almost explicit.

  2. I just hope that Steins:Gate will not turn out to be this years fate/staynight, a jumbled up mess that went nowhere. Fingers crossed

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