Daily Intake 21.03.11

Note: Sorry about the lack of warning about the missing weekend posts. I had a pretty big weekend which involved not a lot of sleep, and not a lot of time to myself. That’s my excuse anyway!

⚫ A new light novel was released the other day which has attracted a lot of attention on the Japanese blog circuit owing to its highly erotic (not explicit, technically, but definitely erotic) loli illustrations. The title of the light novel is ‘Gonen Futakumi Kyuuketsuki’, and I’m pretty sure its premise doesn’t matter. Naturally, AkibaBlog caught on and took a heap of pictures here. Those bandaids..

⚫ The August issue of Dengeki Festival is pimping a new eroge character, Yuusuteia with a nice hug pillow and other goodies. She’s a character from a new game called Aiyokunoyu no Yuusuteia. Pics on the Akibablog post.

⚫ GAINAX’s famous top page has been redecorated with illustrations from staff members voicing their thoughts to the Earthquake’s victims. It’s a really nice gesture. LINK

⚫ NoitaminA’s ratings hit a scary low this week .. 1.3%. Maybe it would have been better to have delayed it. The Earthquake has probably shifted a lot of people’s attention from anime. By the way, this season’s average rating has been 1.78%, compared with 2.38% for Kuragehime/Shiki, 2.57% for Moyashimon/Shiki, and 1.98% for Youjouhan/Saraiya (source)

⚫ Popular Light Novel series, Seitokau no Ichizon has another anime currently being planned. The latest announcement said planning was advancing but it was clearly still too early to say that it was a second season (which we all want, I’m sure XD). I hope it’s not just an OVA. (source)

⚫ Apparrently the Sora no Otoshimono movie advance tickets are selling really fast! It seems people really want to get their hands on the sexy micro-fibre mini-towel set it comes with! Pictures at the source.

⚫ Commentary on the latest Kyoto Animation moeblob anime, Nichijou hasn’t exactly been overwhelmingly positive. If anything, it seems to have slipped under the radar. Those who have seen it are tending to express a general ‘meh’ impression and many are wondering if it can become a big hit, like KyoAni is used to having. Personally, I wouldn’t be too unhappy if it didn’t take off. I want KyoAni to take note and put their talent to more ambitious use. (source). Still, it id get a PSP game announced too, to be released on the 28th of July (source).

⚫ L’Arc-en-Ciel will be singing the theme for the Full Metal Alchemist movie. That should be good. (source)

⚫ Dengeki online did a new article on the upcoming Haruhi game, ‘The Reminiscence of Suzumiya Haruhi”, including new CGs and news of an Endless Eight mini-game. The CGs are really nice, and Haruhi is looking pretty damn cute in them. it’s almost enough to rekindle my Haruhiism. link




Macross F Sheryl CM

The 3D in these is really nice!


Macross F Ranka CM


3D Mami Dance.

lol. Just watching QB’s movements throughout this video is amusing.


16 Seiyuu sing for Japanese Earthquake victims

They have a nice upbeat message of hope and togetherness.

4 thoughts on “Daily Intake 21.03.11

    1. I agree. I liked Ranka more at the start of Macross F but ended up basically hating her! Other way around for Sheryl.

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