Daily Intake 17.03.11

Note: Because I’m sick of talking broadcast cancellations, just assume everything is suspended until you hear otherwise! Well maybe not, but in any case, I don’t plan to list everything that’s been postponed. I think other websites are doing that.

⚫ It seems like Madoka Magica 11 will first be seen on Nico Nico next week after all! So far, it seems it will be shown as scheduled. Well, it’s better than nothing! (source)

⚫ It seems as soon as I find some positive news today it gets canceled tomorrow. Sadly, the latest victim of this Earthquake-induced misfortune is Anime Contents Expo, an event which was destined to be a more impressive and less Ishihara-connected anime industry event than the Tokyo-run Tokyo Anime Fair. At least TAF was also canceled too so Ishihara can’t come out on top. (source)

⚫ Spring anime, Ao no Exorcist, will be delayed. At this stage, by one week (source).

⚫ Madoka Magica manga sold 31,000 in its first week – a very strong performance indeed. By the way, the first volume has now gone over 117,000 sales in total. That’s huge!

⚫ Urobochi Gen posted on twitter in seeming admiration for Shaft’s perserverance in raising the quality of the Madoka episodes, till the very end, often only a few hours before the Kansai air date (the first channel it airs on). (source). A lot of commentors said ‘we knew that already’, and many mentioned that that’s the way Shaft has always handled their schedule. I’m with those who aren’t too impressed with a studio that still needs to polish up their episodes right before the deadline. Shaft’s scheduling sometimes rides them off a cliff (just look at that incomplete episode of Bakemonogatari).

⚫ The first volume of the new Index light novel series, New Testament topped the charts this week, selling 121,410 copies! That’s pretty well on-par with the Index light novel sales, and considering the Earthquake factor, it’s definitely a respectable turn out! (source)

⚫ T.P Sakura will be broadcast on Tokyo MX, on the 24th of this month (episode 2 on the 31st). (source)




8 thoughts on “Daily Intake 17.03.11

  1. oh the positive note.

    with the delay Shaft hopefully can put in more production value into what’s potentially the most awesome 2 episodes this season.

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