Daily Intake 16.03.11

⚫ The good news yesterday about Madoka Magica 11 airing on MBS has been revoked! ;_;. As with most other anime of this week, it has been suspended on all channels now (source). Still, we don’t have any right to be upset about it. Then again, the Japanese response to 4chan’s rage-heavy reaction to the news was pretty agreeable (actually they found it pretty hilarious) (link)!

⚫ Personally, I admit I’m bordering on feeling bitter now that I heard this: Work on Hana Saku Iroha has been suspended at this time (source). If you hadn’t noticed, I’ve been seriously looking forward to this anime. It seems the current disaster may jeopardise some of the spring season too.

⚫ However! A new piece of positive news has arisen: the noitaminA timeslot on Fuji TV (Fractale and Horou Musuko) will go ahead as scheduled! (source). Unlike the Madoka news of yesterday, this is pretty well 100% confirmed.

⚫ TAF2011 has been canceled, and not a shit was given. (source). This is a perfect time for ACE to strike!

⚫ Someone apparently donated money to the rescue and relief effort in Japan through the post office, but their donations were refused. Why? Because he used the names of the Madoka characters for the donations. Even QB contributed! I can see why you wouldn’t take money from him, but in general refusing donations due to silly names seems a but stupid given the situation. (source)

⚫ Anime Announcement: Kimi to Boku #1. Based on this manga. Kinda looks like soft yaoi? Well it’s better than hard yaoi, but still not my cup of tea. A shame, because the artwork is quite nice in the announcement image.




4 thoughts on “Daily Intake 16.03.11

    1. I guess It depends how things are going. Best thing now is to continue watching the news. If this (i hope not) continues like this next week wendesday maybe there is no madoka. We can just wait .

  1. You can’t really have a good flow of production when a disaster of that magnitude struck, and then you get rolling blackouts every few hours. I imagine it’s going to delay most spring anime for a few weeks at best, and a month at worst.

    1. I don’t think it’s as bad as all that where the animation studios are located. But yeah, obviously enough to take the oil out of the production machine. Hoping for the best. If spring gets pushed back a couple of weeks, it’s not all that bad.

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