.Hack//Quantum 2 – Awesome, yet again!

If you’re not watching .Hack//Quantum yet then I’m giving you an official warning. You have 7 days to redeem yourself by checking out the first episode. You’re not obliged to like it, but I think most people will, and it’s in your best interest to give it a go! My enthusiasm for this anime doesn’t come from nowhere. Check out my review of episode 1 for a bit of a look at it. The good news I can relay now is that episode 2 lives up to its predecessor and continues the trend of .Hack//Quantum being easily the best .Hack series. It has believable, cute and engaging characters, a fast-paced and interesting plot, a sense of mystery behind it, and stunning visual production values. This episode features less action, but it contains a lot of crucial plot development. Although you don’t need to have seen any of the past series, the plot does build on events of past .Hack series. I never really considered myself a fan of the .Hack franchise, but I now realise I’ve seen every .Hack anime, and this new series is really gratifying because it unifies all of the disparate plot threads of those anime and weaves them into a new tale that promises to resolve a lot of questions.

Great stuff! I suspect the next episode will be really awesome! It’s a real shame that it’s only 3 episodes long.

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