Daily Intake 15.03.11

⚫ Dragon Crisis 10, and Kimi ni Todokke season 2 broadcast suspended this week. Kimi ni Todoke will come back on the 4th of April. Also, Moshidora, and Index will be postponed, in addition to the ones I mentioned yesterday. Of course, it’s due to the huge crisis going on. On the upside, Madoka Magica 11, as well as Rio Rainbow Gate 11, will still be shown in the Kansai region on MBS. (source)

⚫ An event was announced for Softenni at Anime Contents Expo (ACE) just today (source). I don’t really care about the anime Softenni, but this is good news because it suggests that ACE may be going ahead as planned! It would be a real shame to have to cancel ACE on its first year, especially when it has such a good chance to screw over Ishihara. Speaking of Ishihara, did people hear his comments about the current disaster in Japan, saying it was divine retribution and such? He’s such a senile old bastard – this is just the latest in a long line of fucked up things he’s come out with. Today he made a public apology for the comments. I just hope it’s put a dent in his re-election chances!

⚫ Oh yeah, and a K-ON OVA was released today, episode 27 of the new season. I only mention it because I heard there are some people out there who like K-ON. Who would’ve thought!? screencaps.




9 thoughts on “Daily Intake 15.03.11

  1. I’m pretty sure Ishihara said he’s not planning on pursuing a re-election this year. With that said, what he said was in bad taste, and he should have just focused his energies on helping out relief/rescue efforts rather than running his mouth. I think most of Japan share our sentiments about him, anyway.

    1. Nah he said a few days ago that he is contesting in the next election. Sadly. He’s actually pretty popular – a shoe-in unless this comment proves widely damaging.

      1. Oh, too bad. I thought the Japanese media were in a bit of an uproar due to those comments, and that might prove enough to sway the voters’ choice. Anyone who isn’t blind can see he’s just a loony old man now, too. He’s just given himself more and more bad press, and I can’t see how he can be re-elected–even with the Japanese voters as they currently are.

        1. His economic management and impressive infrastructure achievements make him popular. But his controversial comments and welfare-pinching stance are less appreciated.

  2. He have said other famous phrases before but saying that when your own nation is like this in such conditions is unforgivable. I hope him does not continues on his position fr too much time.

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