Daily Intake 14.03.11

⚫ I don’t usually like reading Sankaku Complex, but this article caught my eye and is actually pretty good: Sea Shepherd: “Quake is Divine Retribution Against Japan”. If you didn’t know, Sea Shepherd are the group of radical anti-whaling people who chase around Japanese whaling ships and try to stop them from hunting whales by being pains in the asses. I think the comments of this man, and his followers show the true colours of the group, who I’ve hated for a long time due to their nasty and dangerous antics at sea. I have the misfortune of living in Hobart, Tasmania, where they are often harboured, but this reaffirms my resolve to look at them only with contempt.

⚫ On a more positive note, the pray for Japan movement on twitter has really produced a strong sentiment of support. Many images and drawings on the subject were posted on Japanese sites and the comments were gushing with appreciation. Noizi Itoh (artist of the Shana and Haruhi light novels) drew a rather lovely Haruhi image for #prayforjapan.

⚫ Oniichan no Koto Zenzen Suki Janai Dakara ne has had some very unfortunate timing with a gag in episode 10, which actually featured a tsunami. While it wasn’t intentional, it would have been prudent to not put it to air. The tsunami warning map was broadcast over it as the same time as the tsunami scene! Tvk showed the episode, but all other stations have suspended the broadcast.

⚫ The airing of Kore wa Zombie Desu ka episode 10 has been pushed back to the 21st (the first airing, that is). (source)

⚫ Special illustration extras for buying all of Infinite Stratos in BD here. The Char and Laura ones are totally the hottest, but a Rin is fine too.

⚫ These KoreZombie mousepads are quite sexy! Haruna and Yuu are my favourite characters too! Of course, they’re the type with a nice wresting mound for your wrist XD! link

⚫ Lots of anime-related events have been halted due to the Earthquake. ANN compiled a list of them here.

⚫ The author of upcoming anime Coppelion tweeted that they were going to a meeting the following day with producers where the topic would probably be whether the they can continue with the anime. As far as I know, there’s no more information available at the moment, so the problem is likely to be subject matter of Coppelion: the story is set in a Japan ruined by a nuclear melt down. Given the nuclear problems Japan is facing at the moment, it may become too sensitive a topic for TV broadcast. Shame. (source)

⚫ Top Blu-ray preorders from different countries here. Is Japan the only country with a scrap of individuality. I think this image is appropriate:

We won!




DOG DAYS OP: Scarlet Knight by Nana Mizuki


It’s disappointing.

8 thoughts on “Daily Intake 14.03.11

        1. nah I was disapointed because it looks cheap and ugly. But I’m withholding judgment until I see episode 1 of course!

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