Ougon Musou Kyoku – Umineko Fighting Game

07th Expansion‘s latest doujin release at comiket 79 last December was a big surprise. Just as Type Moon did back in the day with Melty Blood, they have waded out of their comfort zone (doing VN expansion releases) and into fighting game territory! This game features the characters of Umineko in a 2D fighting game environment. Ryukishi 07 is known for being able to weave a complex story, but this fighting game developed by his circle is actually really great! I had a crack at it yesterday, trying out many of the characters in easy arcade mode. The graphics are very polished, and the game plays really well, having a good sense for distance and space (which I think is essential for a good fighting game). The moves are pretty easy to grasp, but fun to use. Probably my only complaint is that the air combat is lacking and is not really a valid playing style like in other 2D fighting games of this style (Blaz Blue and Guilty Gear). You can’t side-dash in the air, for instance, but need to diagonal jump. One thing this game has more of than usual is ranged attacks. Most characters have some kind of projectile capacity, and it’s a really vital game mechanic.

As you would hope, characters have very different styles of play, but so far I don’t think any of them are too extreme, which both Guilty Gear and Blaz Blue have been guilty of). I mostly played Battler, and was impressed with how well he played. I recommend him for a starting character. And on that note, I definitely recommend trying out this game. I’m not even an Umineko fan and I enjoy it! With a sequel in the works, it’d be good to get in on this game!

Now, to investigate whether it can be played over the net..

Game Opening



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