Infinite Stratos 10

While not nearly on the level of last week’s beach episode, this ep still bought some fun moments. The fanservice was toned down significantly, but the harem aspect was still very much in charge. This time we got hot-spring antics, such as Ichika hand-feeding Cecilia and then later giving her a massage with the other girls as envious onlookers. Coming on the back of (no pun intended) Ichika oiling Cecilia down last week, it seems like she’s in counter-attack mode. The current relationship focus has shifted from Charles back to her (but Charles still has the egde!). With the next couple of episodes featuring a big battle with a rogue unit, it seems there won’t be much room for harem development. At this rate, Charles and Cecilia are going to end up the clear victors of this first season! I hope there will be another season soon!

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