As I’m sure you’ve heard, a massive Earthquake occurred yesterday several hundred kms off the coast of Japan. It was a magnitude 8.9 quake, which makes it their largest on record. Damage has been extensive, mainly due to the tsunamis resulting from the quake. Several tsunami’s, up to 7m high in one area, hit an extensive amount of the Japanese coast, and several coastal cities were severely damaged. Disturbing aerial images show that Sendai has been practically washed away. Unfortunately, the tsunami has damaged the Fukushima nuclear power plant, and the military and emergency services are currently in a desperate fight against time to repair the cooling facilities before a possible meltdown occurs (good article here). Perhaps the one saving grace is that Tokyo is relatively undamaged thanks to the impressive Earth-quake proof structural engineering that has been used on buildings there. I spent the better part of last night watching news streams and talking with people in Japan via twitter (everyone I know is okay), which is why there was no daily post. This quake is a significant event, and a high death toll will eventually come to light. And the damage could be worse with the nuclear threat and continuing aftershocks.

Scary stuff. My thoughts are definitely with the people of Japan.

Note: I consciously avoided making a Tokyo Magnitude 8.0 reference!

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