Index 21

So someone in the Index staff finally found the WIN button and is currently hammering it like crazy. That’s the only theory I can come up with to explain why this arc of Index is so insurmountably badass compared with most of the lackluster arcs the show has given us over the years. I mean, previous arcs are good, but they’ve always had at least one crucial flaw. The science arcs are almost always better, but even they can’t fit in all of everyone’s favourite characters, and usually can’t be consistently exciting. This is the exception. This arc has almost all the things I’ve ever wanted from Index – as if they’ve read my mental wishlist. It has Accelerator on a rampage, and Last Order being adorable; it gives depth to the compelling Last Order/Accelerator relationship; Touma isn’t hogging too much screen-time; Index is mostly out of the way; Misaka is kicking ass; the clones are gearing up again; the plot is unrelentingly engaging and finally COMBINES both magic and science; and much more! It’s a shame every arc can’t be this amazing.