Daily Intake 10.03.11

⚫ Oniichan no Koto… BD1 uncensored screencap comparisons here. Soul-peering penguin BEGONE!

⚫ New volumes of the ongoing Nanoha manga: Nanoha Force and Nanoha Vivid (Vivio’s spinoff) were released! Pictures of the covers and the epic manga-stack that Gamers made of their stock can be seen on the AkibaOS article here. This is an image of Toranoana’s special gift to purchasers… it’s incredible! So much sexy-nekomimi win! I thought I’d preordered them but I haven’t got an order confirmation from Ami Ami yet..

⚫ The store Sof Map is offering a special gift to purchasers of all of Kore wa Zombie Desu ka, and they released an image of it recently. Warning: Sera, Yuu and Tomonori naked embrace! Can you handle the win?

⚫ The weekly manga volume sales chart is out, and it makes the hug success of the Madoka pretty clear. This last week it sold over 44,000 copies, but the impressive thing is that this is it’s third week! In total it has sold 91, 223 copies, which puts it well above the standard performance of manga based on anime. To put it in perspective, the Macross F manga sold 21K copies for a volume, the Code Geass manga sold 26-20K copies for a volume, and the Gurren Lagann manga sold 25K copies for a volume. This is in the league of the Darker than Black manga (94K copies in 3 weeks) and getting towards the level of the Nanoha spinoff manga: Forces (101K in 4 weeks) and Vivid (112K in 4 weeks). However, given how much it sold in its 3rd week, it’s likely that Madoka go overtake these sales numbers.

⚫ The title of the new Lucky Star musical is らき☆すた≒おん≒すて (Raki☆Suta≒On≒Sute), which I’m guessing means Lucky Star On Stage! Also, it seems like there’ll be an all-night event for it. Hardcore. (source)

⚫ So it seems people were disappointed by the presentation quality of the Hatsune Miku concert that went down last night, Mikuba. This concert was this year’s sequel event to the concert that Sega handled last year, which bought Miku to life with a pretty sweet holograohic display. Disappointingly, 5pb’s efforts on Mikuapa didn’t summon that same visual impact. Instead, they just had her confined to a conventional screen display. Still, Miku fans were still pleased with the music it seems, which doesn’t surprise me at all! (source with pics)

⚫ The official twitter for Subaru/Gainax’s anime, Houkago no Pleiades, made several tweets about work on a new project for Pleiades! They posted a couple of pictures too. Apparently the seiyuu have already done some recording session. More details will come in a few days. I suspect it may be a drama CD, but either way it’s a sign that more anime is on the horizon! (source)