Kore wa Zombie Desu ka? 9

If I hadn’t watched this far already and someone told me that this anime had really dramatic episodes, I wouldn’t believe them. Given that it’s a loose harem anime about a male zombie-magical-girl, a necromancer, a proper magical girl, and a vampire ninja, it doesn’t really seem to have the time for serious emotional character development. But it does, and it does them well. Of course, all these melodramatic episodes are about the silent-but-deadly necromancer, Yuu. Originally I thought her character was boring in that Rei-clone kind of way, but after hearing her backstory and getting a sense of the tragic circumstances that she lives with in these episodes, I’ve done a huge back-flip! She’s probably my favourite girl of the show now. This episode was another sad Yuu-themed episode that stole my heart and fuelled the moe love I have growing for her. It also increased my respect for Ayumu. The final moments of this episode were almost BAWWW-inducing.

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