Durarara 25

So I just watched Durarara 25 with my brother! I’d almost forgotten this series existed, it’s been that long waiting for this bonus episode! It came with the last DVD release. But after a few awkward minutes, I quickly found myself slipping back into full-throttle Durarara fan mode! The episode is just another example of inventive writing to cross the paths of Durarara’s burgeoning cast: a special TV-show is covering a celebrity’s quest for the best couple in Ikebukurou. Naturally, that celebrity is Shizuo’s brother, and even more naturally, Izaya uses this as an opportunity to bait his street-sign hurling nemesis into a fight. That fight grows into a city-wide brawl featuring most of Ikebukurou’s colourful inhabitants. The duel between Izaya and Shizuo was actually more awesome than usual, with some crazy moments and a more genuine sense of rage on Izaya’s part.

But that was not the highlight of the episode. No, episode 25’s greatest tidings came in the form of two cute young sisters – Izaya’s sisters. You’d assume that being related to Izaya would imply sociopathic and troll-master traits, but the female gene instead gives a predisposition to moe and twincest! Of course, there’s still a bit of natural talent for ass-kicking, which was inherited by Mairu. Kururi, on the other hand, is quiet and a little weird. Together, they’re lots of fun!

Note: loved the Taiga & Ryuuji reference too!

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