Daily Intake 08.03.11

⚫ Aniplex producer Iwakami Atsuhiro, who was one of the three key people behind the conception of Madoka Magica, has said in a magazine article that he’s sure that ‘when everyone sees the final episode they will be satisfied’! (source) His comments are so much more comforting than Gen Urobochi’s ominous tweets! I’m really looking forward to the final episode. The staff the last few episodes have been revealed and episodes 11 and 12 look promising indeed.

copy-pasted from a post on animesuki by sirn:

    Episode 11
    Script: Urobuchi Gen
    Storyboard: Itou Tomohiko (Occult Academy director)
    Episode Director: Watanabe Kotono (Aoi Bungaku ep11)
    Animation Director: Miyamae Shin’ichi (High School of the Dead ep1)

    Episode 12 (Final Episode)
    Script: Urobuchi Gen
    Storyboard: Sasaki Shinsaku (eps 4,6)
    Episode Director: Miyamoto Yukihiro (Madoka Magica series director, ep1)
    Animation Director: Taniguchi Jun’ichiro, Takahashi Mika (Madoka Magica chief animation directors)


⚫ Also, director Akiyuki Shinbou said in a magazine that he wanted to depict Kyuubee with more cuteness but the rest of the staff portrayed him as scary. (source)

⚫ According to an interview Chiwa Saitou’s (who plays Homura) reaction to episode 10 of Madoka Magica was ‘It’s awesome but..damn that Gen Urobochi!’, or something to that effect. Echoing 2ch comments.. I hope this doesn’t suggest something bad happens to Homu-chan!! I’m scared.. (source)

⚫ The cast have been announced for Sacred Seven and C. I’ll let someone else work out the character names and look into the male seiyuu, but the ones that caught my interest are:

    Sacred Seven: Itou Kanae (Amu, Saten); Nomizu Iori (Nymph, Haruna from KoreZom); Nakajima Megumi (Ranka Lee)

    C: Goto Saori (Hattori Hanzo from Rouran Samurai Girls), Tomatsu Haruka (Nagi from Kannagi, Lala from To Love Ru).

The Sacred Seven cast is looking fantastic. I’m a huge Kanae Itou fan (she’s one of the few seiyuu I get excited over!), and I also really like Nomizu Iori’s roles. I was already anticipating this anime just because it’s a new original Sunrise work! C, on the other hand is kind of lacking in the female seiyuu department. I don’t like Goto Saori all that much, but at least we have Nagi-sama’s voice!

⚫ A doujin has been made based around punching QB in the face. Better than ero! (link)

⚫ Hana Saku Iroha Episode 1 Staff:

Script: Okada Mari
Storyboard & Episode Director: Andou Masahiro
Animation Director: Sekiguchi Kanami

No surprises there, it’s all the main series staff doing the first episode! But that’s a very good thing in this case, because yoi’ve got some very talented people on board. Andou Masahiro gave us CANAAN and some of the better episode storyboards for FMA:B – he’s certainly one of P.A Works’ best staffers. Sekiguchi Kanami is already in my good-books for doing great anime designs from Mel Keshida’s original character designs on this show, but he’s also a talented animator and excellent animation director. His two episodes of CANAAN were fantastic, as was his key animation on GitS SAC. It’s hard not to think P.A Works is going all out for this one! An episode staffer also just made a gushing post on his blog praising the show’s superb production values.

⚫ Steins;Gate episode 1 staff:

Script: Nakajima Shukki
Storyboard: Hamasaki Hiroshi
Episode Director: Ozawa Kazuhiro
Animation Director: Nakamura Kazuhisa

This staff listing also has some of the series staff in it.. well one. Hamasaki Hiroshi is one of the two series directors. Nakamura Kazuhisa was a bit of a surprise as animation director. I’m not familiar with him, but he’s been working on Katanagatari a lot lately. Ozawa Kazuhiro as episode director is also quite unusual, given he appears to have done little of note. Well, people involved in the show have been talking it up, so I guess it will be good!

⚫ New Madoka flashgame which seems to be set on a parallel universe in which Mami beats the crap out of Charlotte! http://void.heteml.jp/flash/trigger_happy/. Honestly, don’t really get it.

⚫ A manga version of upcoming anime Dog Days (from the creator of Nanoha) will be included as a supplement in the next issue of Newtype. (source)




7 thoughts on “Daily Intake 08.03.11

  1. Is it wrong to expect some gun-slinging and kung-fu action in Hanasaku?

    Kidding aside, Sunrise original anime are always stuff to look forward to for me. They’ve been one of the most reliable people for that since forever (even if they aren’t that consistently good). Bones has more or less the same mentality, but they haven’t matched their brother studio for me yet. Looks like Sunrise is busy this year, and I like it.

    1. Sunrise original anime can result in excellent things (but I don’t think they have the people these days to make a really great original anime). I want another Infinite Ryvius lol!

      1. Sunrise has gotten a lot of flak these past few years (understandably so), but I still am a fan. Their most reliable people (studio 2) are currently working on Gundam UC, but I don’t think they’re that strapped for talent. As huge a company as they are, there should be enough competent people to handle their shows.

  2. Haha, that Kyubey doujin looks great.

    Kinda strange to see Saori Goto in my 3 most anticipated anime for the spring (Maria Holic Alive, Steins;Gate, and now C) especially since she does ~1 show a season or none like this winter. And also on the subject of C, looks like Haruka Tomatsu is the lead female, so hopefully we’ll get to hear her sing the OP, ED or an insert song (she did Monochrome in Star Driver, aka Fish song).

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