Daily Intake 07.03.11

⚫ The new Type Moon visual novel project, Mahoutsukai no Yoru, which is based on a 1996 novel by the company’s co-founder, Kinoko Nasu, has been delayed. It was initially going to be released this winter, but it has been pushed back to an unspecified time later in the year. (source)

⚫ Japanese Politician Tanaka Ken posted on his website recommending the anime Madoka Magica! When you hear this sort of thing you get the sense that the anime series is a big hit. (source)

⚫ A Madoka Magica staff member posted on their twitter account that they were excited to overhear 2 beautiful high-school girls talking about Madoka Magica on a train. This is obviously a sign that Madoka Magica has reached beyond the usual otaku audience, and possibly a sign that anime in general is becoming more accepted. But on that first note: isn’t it kind of ironic that Madoka Magica has a wide audience appeal, which is what Yamakan’s goal has been with Fractale. It’s ironic because Yamakan has previously criticised Akiyuki Shinbou for lacing his anime with too many otaku in-jokes to the point where it can’t appeal to the wider population. Although, that criticism is pretty valid in some cases.

⚫ Gundam Unicorn 3 has been getting raving positive commentary online. The battle scenes were praised in particular.

⚫ Some on 2ch were wondering why this series of Index/Railgun stick posters sold out the way it did. Biri-biri is the only character left!! However, it seems likely that they just stocked her the most! #1

⚫ Two new Keion manga coming up in the Manga Time Kirarara magazine! One will be set in university following the four older girls, while Azunyan has her own manga concurrently running! Holy crap! Even though it really did have to happen, I still find it kind of surprising. I mean, even though I think it sounds exciting and more interesting than high-school Keion, there is the sense that it may alienate some hardcore Keion fans who’ve hooked on it for moe reasons. Because romantic developments are sure to crop up in university! The idea of Azunyan carrying her own manga also interests me.. and this is coming from someone who isn’t really a Keion fan. #1

⚫ Screencaps from the Keion OVA #1

⚫ Keion-only doujin event announced (link). It’s going to be held at the famous Keion school itself! I wonder..will it allow adult material? Could be a dangerous situation. It’ll be held on the 29th of April.

⚫ 07th Expansion will be doing a sequel to their last game, the Umineko fighting game (who woulda thought?): Ougon Musoukyoku! I haven’t played the game myself yet, but I’ve seen it played and it looks really great! Now we have to wait for a new Type Moon fighting game! (source)

⚫ Hidan no Aria gets a spin-off 4koma: Hidan no Aria-chan! (inventive title, huh?). (source)

## I won’t be catching up on the news that came out over the weekend, if anyone was hoping for that. Sorry! I’ll devote that time to catching up with my weekly anime instead!




7 thoughts on “Daily Intake 07.03.11

  1. You are just like typical madoka fanbase

    “Madoka changed my life! I never used to stand out, or really have any friends, but now I’m different!”

    “Madoka is best thing ever XDDD”

    2 beautiful high-school girls =! This is OBVIOUSLY a sign that Madoka Magica has reached beyond the usual otaku audience, AND possibly a sign that anime in general is becoming more accepted.

    1. You just topped the charts for ‘most retarded comment on this blog’. Congrats!

      I’m actually not that much of a Madoka fan, btw. I’m liking it but I hardly think it’s revolutionary.

      >>“Madoka changed my life! I never used to stand out, or really have any friends, but now I’m different!”

      I don’t even.. what the hell is wrong with you?

  2. Maybe the otaku referendes are easier in madoka because there are explanations of them on the wiki. But really Madoka is good for a lot of different audiences. Gils that like mahou shoujos, otaku that loves mahou shoujos, Gore fans, dark story fans, Psycological fans, good ost fans, strange animation fans …

    1. Ah, by ‘some cases’ I meant other shows Shinbo has done (Pani Poni Dash and SZS for instance). I think that’s what Yamakan was getting at (because he said that in an interview well before Madoka was concieved).

  3. There are otaku in-jokes in Madoka?

    I don’t think anime in general is that ostracized over there in Japan. Doraemon, Shin-chan, Ghibli and other timeless pieces have long been household names there. Availability and customer behavior (which is quite overblown) mainly prevent it from completely breaking through the mainstream.

    1. >>There are otaku in-jokes in Madoka?

      See: comment above.

      There are a handful of anime that are beloved in Japan, but liking anything outside of these meant that you were considered an otaku. which, up until quite recently was a pretty nasty thing to be associated with (with good reason). You’ve heard of the ‘otaku murderer’, right? I think it’s becoming more accepted over there currently.

      1. Yeah, I’ve heard of it. It’s kind of a shame how the media over there blew that singular case out of proportion and turned it into a template for how otaku are seen. I used to think anime was kind of a niche within a niche, but as I went on, I saw that the medium itself has become more open to the general public (if it wasn’t already).

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