Daily Intake 03.03.11

⚫ Milky Holmes is involved in TAF2011. General response from fans was “I like Milky Holmes, but Bushiroad should read the atmosphere better!”. It’s true, it’s nothing but shameful to participate in TAF when other anime and manga companies have done the honourable thing and withdrawn. Opinion: lowered. But I doubt it will be able to draw a crowd by itself anyway, and the rest of TAF’s lineup looks pretty boring. (source)

⚫ Famous anime/manga writer Dai Satou (Wolfs’ Rain, Eden of the East, Ergo Proxy, Cowboy Bebop) is doing a new manga, Bokuman. Similarity in title to Bakuman, it seems, is purely coincidental. Dai Satou said that he hasn’t read Bakuman so he didn’t know. I find that very hard to believe. Anyway, the manga can be read (officially) on mangaonweb.com here.

⚫ Apparently the complaint to the BPO about the head-biting scene in episode 3 might actually lead somewhere. Apparently the complaint is currently being deliberated by the BPO, who can decide to take it off air (seems a little rash?). Their determination will come next week. (source)

⚫ Idol M@ster 2 sold over 350,000 copies. It looks like the anime will be a success (source)

## I read Genshiken chapter 61 today! While I’ve been thuroughly enjoying the new series so far, this chapter genuinely didn’t do it for me. While there was a bit of Ogiue, the chapter was really centered on Hato and an extended dialogue he has with Madarame. To be honest, their interaction wasn’t very interesting. They have no chemistry. More than that, Madarame seemed to be missing his usual streak. Hato’s fujoshi fairy was kinda funny, but there should be a limit to how many BL references are included in the one chapter.




ほむらちゃほむほむ 魔法少女まどか☆マギカ (MAD)

Haha, some funny gags in this.

6 thoughts on “Daily Intake 03.03.11

    1. Cheers. I already saw that link because they linked back to my blog (and it showed up on the wordpress dashboard). Was a nice article.

      I was interested about the comments RE: Gurren Lagann 4 because they didn’t quite sit with what they expected. As far as I know the animation was not supposed to be ‘bad quality’, it was just meant to be off-model by giving some very..unique.,.people free reign over the episode. Perhaps a paraphrasing or translation issue..

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